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Webempresa Analysis for 23 May 2016

Summary: Webempresa achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 1 existing domains were deleted from Webempresa and 2 domains were transferred away from Webempresa. The graph also shows that 6 new domains were registered with Webempresa and 3 domains were transferred to Webempresa from other web hosts.

Contact Info

Description :

Address :
Pujol 17 Entr 1
Barcelona, Barcelona
PostalCode : 08022
Country :   SPAIN
Telephone No. :  +34 93 268 38 39, Fax: +34 93 295 56 53
Email :

Recommended Complaint for Webempresa

Click here to file a complaint : Company Overview, a Spanish web hosting service, is speedy, safe and reliable & renders effective web hosting services to its customers which makes it an obvious choice over other web hosting services. With its web services it also offers anti-hacking, backup within every 4 hours, image optimization for Google with web hosting services free of cost. Web Word Press, Joomla, and PrestaShop also come free of cost with its services. Isolation from the rest of hosting server accounts is one more facility it provides. It is a web hosting provider with fast and efficient services in Word Press, Joomla, and PrestaShop. Make things easy is the key to making its 18,001 customers happy with the support 24/7 hours.

Reliability and Performance/ Up-time Report servers are ready to run optimally PrestaShop Joomla, Word Press and satisfying all of the recommended requirements. In this way, assures that both of the extensions needed by a customer to use work properly. servers are not overloaded, so pages will load smoothly as required by customers at all times. With services like backups, firewall, and antivirus, ant spam mail word press security it works with Cloud Linux that allows isolating each hosting account on a single server, so that potential problems of other websites not affect a customer. They update servers daily with customized security rules for Joomla, word press, and Prestashop. They detect an extension or a system that attacks on these tools, file update our rules to protect a customer’s web.

Hosting plans furnishes reliable hosting with various hosting plans. WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, hosting Prestashop, reseller hosting & all with free Word Press templates & 3 free Joomla templates. These web hosting services are not commonly provided by others. This quality makes stand apart from other web hosting service providers. With hosting services also renders word press online courses, courses for Joomla, on-line PrestaShop course WP Doctor, etc. There are many other prompt facilities available.

webempresa review

Features and Control Panel

With its data centers, renders various features to its customers. The SSL certificate management and registration of domain & transfer of domains are one of them.


It provides 24/7 hour support through various means.

Pros is a web hosting service provider with many other benefits.


The SSL certificate management and registration or transfer of domains is not refundable.

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

If a customer is not satisfied with its services than within the first 30 days they will refund 100% of the money and without questioning that a big support any web hosting service provider can render but the SSL certificate management and registration or transfer of domains fee are not refundable.

Conclusion, a Spanish web hosting service, is speedy, safe, reliable & renders effective web hosting services to its customers which makes it an obvious choice over other web hosting services. With web hosting services it also provide many other online education services to its customers. Whatever services are available with are hardly available with any other web hosting providers.