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Veero tech offers shared, virtual, reseller hosting solutions from the past six years. In addition, they provide knowledge from different fields of the IT industry for their customers. Company is packed with multiple solutions that fit every aspect of individual and businesses at affordable rates. Besides this, Veerotech has introduced various exclusive hosting features including nightly server backups, enterprise grade hardware, 24/7 experienced technical support team, great customer service, proactive server monitoring and more. Company deploys super micro servers along with RAID 10 to enhance redundancy in case of disaster recovery. Their servers come with storage system design, quality tools and their infrastructure virtualized by using KVM virtualization technologies. On top of this, company offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and 30-day money back policy as well.

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Hosting Reviews  (5)

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    5 star rating

     By Bruno Marques Reviewed 24/01/2018

    Good support, fast website!

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    Review from Bruno Marques

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    5 star rating

     By OtonaPoi Reviewed 30/06/2017

    It looks less sketchy.

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    Review from OtonaPoi

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    5 star rating

     By David Henderson Reviewed 19/04/2015

    VeeroTech can best be described, I believe, is a "boutique" hosting company that`s bigger and more robust than I ever imagined. All U.S.-based, tech support is ticket-based and responsive within 5 minutes. Friendly, supportive and expert.
    I am using a Reseller account and have found that their servers are well-managed and optimized. Best of all VeeroTech`s servers are not jammed with a lot of sites.
    I high recommend!

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    Review from David Henderson

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    5 star rating

     By Doug Lerner Reviewed 26/11/2014

    I am a refugee from Hostgator, who after years with them got fed up by their ceaseless, sudden "migrations" which caused havoc and, most recently, during massive chaos lost me a long-term, large customer whose fees covered my entire Hostgator annual reseller costs.

    I tried one other service first because, to be honest, I was a bit worried about the staff size of Veerotech. But that larger company had extremely slow support - I couldn`t even get anything migrated from Hostgator after 5 days, so I quit that service.

    Meanwhile, Veerotech`s owner kept politely and helpfully answering all my questions at a tech forums. So despite some initial reservations about size and the ability to provide good support (especially 24/7 support - since I live overseas) I decided to open a reseller contract and migrate over my cPanels from Hostgator and see how it went.

    It went just fine.

    Naturally when changing companies there are always some things you are used to which are done differently at the new company. And there were a few minor things which needed to be adjusted. But Brent and his team were there for me every step of the way.

    Their help with migration could not have been better. Their obviously strong desire to make sure everything is working well for me makes me feel very much at home with Veerotech.

    I currently have 23 cPanels in my reseller account, and just need to move over 2 more from Hostgator after coordinating with my clients.

    If you are anxious to get away from Hostgator and are looking for a safe harbor to migrate to, I would recommend Veerotech.

    To be completely objective, I would not say their support is truly "24/7" for the kinds of support tickets I opened. After all, the company is small, and people need to sleep. On the other hand, I didn`t mark any of my tickets as "high priority" (because nothing was really going that wrong - just a few initial quirks to square away). I assume if there was truly something horrible happening somebody would be there. But there were no serious problems.

    By contrast, my final few weeks with Hostgator were a complete nightmare. Even with their 24/7 support I couldn`t get answers for days at a time. And Hostgator`s "Live chat" would end up hanging after waiting for almost an hour at a time.

    That doesn`t happen with Veerotech. If you need something, you will get a response within a reasonable amount of time. I`ve definitely never had to wait more than half a day. And if I make a request during their normal business hours, their responsiveness is even faster. Like they are just sitting there waiting for me to contact them. :)

    Sometimes a smaller organization is better. I have to say after being with them for a month now I feel very much at home, and in good hands, with Veerotech and would recommend them to anybody.

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    Review from Doug Lerner

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    5 star rating

     By David S Reviewed 26/11/2014

    VeeroTech has been great through the entire process of registering and hosting my site. I have very little experience with this and had a lot of questions, but they were very patient and helpful. I highly recommend them.

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    Review from David S

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Veerotech: Company Overview

Veerotech was established in 2010, provides services like web hosting, website development and services. Many features related to the IT industry are integrated in this company. The team of this company is comprised of members having 20+ years of experience.  Numerous solutions are provided regarding both businesses and individuals. Company gives services such as RAID 10 hardware raid arrays, distributed storage methods and software RAID. KVM Virtualization technologies are used to virtualize the infrastructure of industry. Virtualization helps organization to abolish hardware dependency layer from their server. It makes the company attaining fast RTO (recovery time objective).

Reliability and Performance

The servers and network of the company are designed with redundancy having many features like switches, provider uplinks and large, 16 disk storage arrays and redundant network connections. The software is utilized to enhance the performance of web hosting solutions along with using organizational enterprise grade network and server hardware.  The R1Soft backups are available for all web hosting services in different locations. These backups are kept for accessing of files by customers and for DR purposes too. Company takes complete utilization of fully owned servers, networking equipment and storage systems designed. The equipments are fully owned by organization. Therefore no upstream provider is there to locate any issues related to the network or server.

Hosting Plans

Shared hosting comes with many packages available at different prices. Features included are RAM, domains, DDOS Protection, daily backups, CPU cores, free migration and free SSL Certificate.

Reseller hosting comes with some packages at different price. The features involves are the daily R1Soft Backups, 1-click App installer, free migration, DDOS Protection, spam filtering, bandwidth, white level servers, SSL certificates and private name servers.

VPS hosting comes with 100% fully managed, advanced troubleshooting, daily backups, proactive security, billing software, free migration, full hardware virtualization and guaranteed resources.

veerotech review

Features and Control Panel

  • Hosting Add-ons.
  • Domain name services.
  • Specially configured firewalls.
  • Commercial Litespeed Web server.
  • Proactive, Multi-location monitoring.
  • 100% Virtualized Infrastructure.
  • Cloud Linux Server Environments.
  • Fully owned servers and storage systems.
  • cPanel and WHM are used as control panel.


Technical support is provided to the customer via mail, chat, phone, account management portal, knowledgebase articles and contact form. Support is available by 24/7/364 days. Experts provide relevant solutions to the user as per the requirement. Customers are satisfied by getting full support.


  • High performance server.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • 24x7 technical supports.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free migration.
  • Various upgrade and growth.
  • Custom-focused approach.


Lack of cloud visibility.

Cancellation Policy

If any user is unhappy with the services, then he may send the request for cancellation within 30 days of notice period. The refunds are applicable only on accounts of web hosting services. Many services are also there on which refund is not applied such as Dedicated servers, VPS, IP address and cPanel Licensing. After notice period, staff is not responsible for refunding money. There is 30 day money back guarantee.


VeeroTech Systems, LLC web hosting services offers different packages at various costs. Company keeps secret of all the information related to the user account. It also provides an additional facility of online form builder for security purpose. Many additional services are also embedded like HP and Cisco routing and switching, 16 Disk RAID10 data protection arrays.