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Question  : I have a domain registered with and want to adminster it on Site5 as an addon domain, to create a separate website from my main website. Can I do this, and if so how?--Gabi Pacuraru

Answer : Yes, you should be able to do this. The only reason you could not would be if you had a HostBasic plan with Site5, as that does not allow for extra domains. On HostPro, you can use the Addon Domains icon to create the separate site. If you have HostPro+Turbo, you can create it as an Addon Domain to an existing site, or as a subaccount using your MultiAdmin interface.
In each case, you would want to set the nameservers on the new domain to Site5, so the domain will resolve to

Question  : Is Node.js going to be supported by Site5 for managed hosting in the near future?--Lavinia Bodnar

Answer : There are no plans for this, no. To make this available, Site5 would need to overhaul the shared server model that they use, as Site5 keep these the same across the entire fleet. Use of node.js requires changes to the Apache configuration, and is a process that runs in the background, which would interfere with a lot of systems they already have in place.

Question  : Can Gitlab be installed on Site5? I have some junior devs and want to be able to review their code, make comments and accept or reject their pull requests.--Duca Andreea

Answer : It certainly should be, yes. Really, the only thing that sits on Site5 servers is the repository with the code. Things like Gitolite and Gitosis – and Gitlab – simply provide a tool and an interface to connect to that repository from your local workstations and it will work for sure.

Question  : Give me some reason that why should I select Site5 as my hosting company?--Creatsa Irina

Answer : Find some of the below mentioned points that will help you in deciding Site5 as your hosting company:-
* Site5 guarantee uptime, service and support
Site5 offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that if they don`t hit this mark you get your money back. That isn`t all they guarantee though. Site5 also guarantee the response time of their tech support to ensure you always get a fast response to your problems. Plus Site5 Management Team is accessible to all our customers if you ever have any complaints
* Site5 offer free trial and 45 day money back guarantee.
* Site5 Support Team is Friendly, Fast, and Knowledgeable.
* Their web hosting is easy to use.
* For Site5 Customers Are their Biggest Asset

Question  : I currently have a under I would like to change completly all my wordpress and the website backpage to that I just bought today. How should I proceed to cause the less damage to my datas?--Fort Mariana

Answer : Changing the domain name itself is fairly easy, but with WordPress involved it can make it a little more complicated. First suggestion would be to completely backup your existing database, just in case something goes wrong.
Site5 have a knowledgebase article on changing the domain name that WordPress uses, located at
While the domain name is being changed, we would recommend changing WordPress to use the temporary URL for your site (http://ipaddress/username – where ipaddress is the IP address for your site, and username is the username on your account).
To change the domain name, you can access BackStage and click on the AddOns tab. In there you will see a form to change the domain name, and if you fill that out the request will be passed to Site5 support team to make that change for you. Please make sure you have changed the nameservers on the new domain, to point things to them, to prevent any downtime.
After that is done, you can use that knowledgebase article again to tell WordPress to use the new domain name. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact Site5 support team.

Question  : I recently set up service with Site5. I will have multiple domains/sites hosted here. Two of the sites are Ecommerce sites that will need SSL certificates with one possibly using an extended validation cert.
If I request a dedicated IP, is it assigned to a specific domain or is it the same for all of the hosted domains/sites? Do I need more than one dedicated IP for each SSL and domain?
--Betty Sz

Answer : The SSL process can be a little confusing, I admit, but let me try to break this down for you. If you want to cover two different domains with SSL certificates, you will need two IP addresses, one for each domain, and two SSL certificates. This is assuming that each of the domains is on its own account (has its own SiteAdmin login, and is not an Addon Domain to another). This is the best option, though you need a MultiAdmin account with Site5 (HostPro+Turbo or a VPS) to make it work.
If one of these domains is an Addon Domain, then you will need to have the dedicated IP address assigned to the parent domain, and the SSL certificate applied as normal to the actual domain that is using it. If both of these domains are Addon Domains to the same parent, then you will need to get the multidomain SSL you describe.

Question  : Is the ioncube loader available at site5?--Ale Alexandra

Answer : Yes, this is enabled by default on all of Site5 servers, as follows:
ionCube PHP Loader v4.6.0
This is the current default version across the server fleet.

Question  : I have created a very simple HTML based website and want to move the required files to my Site5 location and go live with it. The domain was purchased with another host site but was never really used. I need to tie the domain opening to my home page. I would really like to accomplish this as soon as possible and would appreciate your quick response. Thanks!!--Lupulescu Anda

Answer : With a straight HTML site as you describe, it’s actually quite easy. The first thing you will need is a hosting account, which you can choose and order straight from Site5 site. Once this is active, most everything you will need is in the welcome letter you receive, but the steps are pretty straightforward:
1 – use an FTP client, such as FileZilla or CuteFTP, to upload your site files to the public_html folder on your account
2 – change the nameservers on your domain name, at the registrar, to the ones provided in the welcome letter. In most cases, these would be and That’s it!

Question  : Give me some insight on Site5 DNS servers?--Sorina Maria

Answer : The Site5 DNS servers can be used with the following hosting products: Web Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, and Site5 VPS and Cloud VPS that come with SiteAdmin. The Site5 DNS servers are listed below.
If you are using Site5 Reseller Hosting, Cloud Reseller Hosting, or a VPS or Cloud VPS with cPanel please use this article to find your DNS if you didn’t setup custom DNS.
Some registrars require the addition of the IP addresses when you are setting up your nameservers (such as .eu TLDs). If your registrar requires the IP addresses of Site5 nameservers you can use the following: – –

Question  : Is it possible to install Trac (Python based) on Site5?--Mihu Adri

Answer : You would have to install python locally to your account, rather than use the version installed globally, but this should be possible, yes.