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Sibername was established in 2000, offers internet consulting services to those companies who require new technologies at competitive rates. It also provides domain name suggestions tool to support customers searching Canadian domain names. Their technical support is available 24 hours for their customers. Company keeps website backups in separate locations in Canada. Therefore, customers’ data is safe and secure in case of any disaster happens. They provide reliable, redundant network in North America. Sibername promises to give 99.99% uptime. Besides this, their hosting features include instant activation, free migration, SSL certificate, cPanel, one click installation of WordPress, with domain name get free website and email and more. 

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Description : Hosting Review - SiberName reveals visitors sentiments, feedback and user experience with reviews, ratings and comparative charts.

Address : 275 Slater Street
Suite 900

Ottawa, ON
PostalCode : K1P 5H9
Country :  CANADA
Company Size :  2-10 Employee
Founded Year :  2000
Linkedin Followers :  26

Hosting Reviews  (7)

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    1 star rating

     By Former Customer Reviewed 25/11/2016

    Would give no stars but one is the lowest, Save yourself a headache and use any other service provider.

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    Review from Former Customer

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     By Mike Reviewed 15/12/2014

    More personal service

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    Review from Mike

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    3 star rating

     By Thomas Jay Reviewed 03/06/2014

    I have been using the services of this Sibername since last 2 years. Currently, I am having three websites and I am hosting three of them with the services of three different hosting providers and I am glad to say that the sibername is best among the all. Once my website went down due to the mistake of their supporting staff only so without even received my call, the same issue was corrected very quickly in a very less duration but this is not the same with other providers. Whenever I required any kind of assistance from the company I always got quick responses to my queries with correct and accurate information. In the last month, like the websites which company host for me were hacked? Earlier also the same problem occurs and for the same I reported to them and I got proper backup of my website. Next time, when this issue arises they offer 100 percent and permanent solution so that the issue does not arises in future again. When websites were correct and fixed by them I did not face the same issues again. With the help of Google, the hacked websites were identified as malevolent websites and to protect them antivirus software were installed by the company and they also update the same from time to time so as to deliver max customer satisfaction.

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    Review from Thomas Jay

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    4 star rating

     By Chantelle Paloyo Reviewed 26/05/2014

    I have been using the server of sibername from last five months and yes they were really amazing! The provider offers great level of technical as well as customer support and is much better than other web hosting companies. Recently, I face a different kind of problem and their rep were not able to help me but they were honest people as they said the same very frankly and with their complete honesty. Otherwise, they always give you appropriate answers of all the queries which you have.The company in which right now I am working, they are getting technical support for their frontend and backend from me.

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    Review from Chantelle Paloyo

  • review user image
    2 star rating

     By Carlos Arias Reviewed 11/04/2014

    Hey guys please try to avoid this company.There is one of my customer have its own web hosting provider, who used the web hosting services of the sibername to host their website and for their servers and infrastructure.The customer care staffs is not very efficient as they do not have any idea related to the working, they offer poor customer service, lack good communication skills, and create new changes in the customers servers and services without even informing them or via notice.However, I face one issue again and again with them, my servers were migrated by them and they assign wrong version for PHP and MYSQL which causes issue of downtime frequently and create a need for writing the code again which causes further changes and thus leads to downtime and errors in the websites very frequently.And for the rest of the matters, some issues arise related to the services of e-mail like time is consuming in the delivery of mails, sending of the e-mails and in the log-in process.When I try to reach them I found sometimes they do not receive the call. In all, I want to say that I donít like the services of the provider very much.

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    Review from Carlos Arias

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By Dela Cruz Reviewed 21/03/2014

    This provider worked in a good manner for their shared web hosting plan, it also runs many websites based on the word press which were run by me but from last few days I was facing some problems with my old web hosting company in the context of performance of the servers, and then I have decided that I will change my web host to Sibername.But before choosing the provider as my final decision, I talk to the Sales department of the company for their disk space, traffic and bandwidth which they may offer and for the stuff which I used and I got the reply as per my needs, their shared web hosting plan was appropriate for me.Then I avail the services of this provider and I found that their overall support like customer and their tech support are great and available via online mode also. With this, their email support is also very fast. I am having some websites containing huge data and as I am not much comfortable with them so I asked their rep that I am not interested in continuing the services with them, and they revert me that some extra charges will be there and they offer cpanel backup for the same.

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    Review from Dela Cruz

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Laderricka Whitlock Reviewed 06/02/2014

    I buy one of the plans of because it offers good features and facilities such as good prices, user friendly Drag and Drop Site Builder and their rep quick response to the issues of their clients. According to me the performance is average because of the reason like I face several issues also in the context of different things.

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    Review from Laderricka Whitlock

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