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Summary: Rumahweb indonesia achieves 99.8% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 1 existing domains were deleted from Rumahweb indonesia and 5 domains were transferred away from Rumahweb indonesia. The graph also shows that 21 new domains were registered with Rumahweb indonesia and 19 domains were transferred to Rumahweb indonesia from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Rumahweb indonesia has 33.33% positive user sentiment.

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Description : Menyediakan jasa web hosting dan personal mailbox. Menerima reseller untuk paket yang ditawarkan.

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    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 01/06/2014

    I was looking for a great and reliable web hosting company for my new website based on Joomla and after few days search, I found this company. Actually I start with the process of search, when my website was being attacked by the hackers for the third time at my previous web host. Then I asked one of my friend to suggest me a good web host where I can get good level of safety so, he suggest me this provider. Then I visit the website and read their several features with reference to the safety and security of data and some anti-hacking measures; I like everything given there so I have decided to opt for the same.The process of login and registration was quite fast and easy and with this their supporting staff members are also good. My first exp with their support tickets was very good as they handle it very quickly, and with the proper and good communication. Among their staff, their four supporting staff members always informed me of everything. With all above, I found that the providerís customer support as well as technical support, back-end systems and cpanel are very instinctive and quite easy to use, even it can be used by a novice webmaster. All my problems were resolved by their customer care rep and in my opinion, I have taken a right decision that I select this provider. However, I have conducted research for more than two months and on the basis of that I would like to recommend this company to those who are looking for a reliable web host.The most important reason behind the selection of the provider is their level of security they offered to their clients and that is very important for me because I am having so much confidential data and I am in the need to maintain the same, so I am looking for a reliable web host, because there are more chances that your data may face some vulnerabilities which can be easily hacked by the malicious hackers and may make your web site totally useless. I`m very happy with my decision that I choose this provider which ensures me great and satisfactory level of safety. The company will provide you good returns in terms of good services, customer support and great web hosting. They offer you a worth of every penny. Thank you Rumahweb.

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    Review from Enara Ali

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    1 star rating

     By Reviewed 30/04/2014

    I would not like to recommend this provider to anyone. Initially, I go for the provider because I read its excellent reviews on many review website. So, I thought that this provider serves my needs of hosting and I buy one of its packages but very badly to tell you that from the next week only, I was continuously facing the problem of server downtime. So, I thought I should reach them as they told me that their customer services are available for 24 hrs a day and first I visit their website and I got revert from them that there was an internal server error and it will be resolve ASAP but now I like to laugh because I heard the same statement from their customer care rep several no. of times, but they have not resolve the same yet. And their ASAP is not over. This is very unprofessional. Actually when you do follow up they may work on your issue to resolve it but after a while they also sit relax with you. In all, their customer support is zero. Rest of the things are fine but this service is required at foremost level so I will not recommend this provider to anyone.

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    Review from Aleeze Ain

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    3 star rating

     By Reviewed 20/02/2014

    I like my Rumahweb hosting account because of its ease of use and the provider makes quite easy for me the process of setting up of my web site and the process of setting up of my templates. The speed they offer is very fast and it leads to less time consumed in the loading of web pages and simultaneously the look of the website also improved a lot.After all this, I got very good response from my clients as they said that my website is now working and running very smoothly than earlier. They also said that my website now looks great and the links posted by them on the website are working in a proper manner. Few days back I wanted to change some features in my web site as they were important for me to host my website and with this I also want to discuss some important points in the context of accounts and billing, so I gave them a call and they revert very fast with appropriate answers. Their customer service was very fast and professional. I took the decision that I will not change my company for future.

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    Review from Ayesha Musthafa

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1.  layanan hosting di ind, mending mana: rumahweb atau rumahhosting? atau ada layanan lain yang dianggap oke?--

2.  ssl dan hosting gratis hanya di rumahweb. berlaku hingga 26 februari 2014. more info:

3.  @partaisocmed @anandyalina itu ip perusahaan hostingnya rumahweb adalah hosting yang sama dengan web si mus, dan banyak web laen :)--