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Question  : I am Unable to Log into my Account Manager—what can I do to gain access to my account?--Amalia Tirica

Answer : If you are not able to login, in your Account Manager because of the reason email address on file is out of date and also not capable to reset your password,
You can update your account information by phone using the information below, if you know the answer to your account Secret Question and have access to the Account Holder (Registrant) phone number
* Outside the U.S. & Canada: 1-902-749-5310
* Toll free in the U.S. & Canada: 1-877-381-2449

Question  : Do I have to pay any hidden costs to for free hosting, except for the setup cost?--Violeta Vio

Answer : charges you only for one time setup fee and there is no hidden cost or other fees associated with free hosting.

Question  : Does provide Unlimited Bandwidth and Space?--Marya Mary

Answer : Yes, offers Unlimited Bandwidth and Space, as long as customers do not exceed usage of more than 25% of their resources. Unlimited Bandwidth and Space Hosting is not intended for Running ICQ BOT, Backup, Forums or any other kind of services that require automation request. If violation of rules occurs, customers account can be suspended immediately or terminated.

Question  : Will Transfer Registrant on my Behalf?--Deliia Ilk

Answer : can accomplish the task to transfer domain name of a customer for a fee of $38 per domain, if customer do not wish to instigate a transfer of Registrant them self. If customer wants to transfer multiple domain names, please call customer service for special pricing. For further information please visit following link:

Question  : How Do I Synchronize My iPhone with my Email?--Popescu Valentin

Answer : To follow step by step instructions on how to synchronize your iPhone with your email go to following link:

Question  : Email Service—what is Included and How Much Does it Cost?--Robert Anghel

Answer : provides Web-based service for its email. It allows you to create an email address on your own domain name. So if you registered the domain name, you could create the email address:
Below mentioned are the services that you get:
1. POP3 email client compatibility
2. Advanced Anti-SPAM protection
3. Worldwide, Web-based access -- send and receive email from any Internet connection
4. Starting at 500 MB of storage with Basic Email
5. Ability to send and receive attachments -- up to 25 MB in size
6. Spell Check
7. Advanced Virus protection
8. Email forwarding
9. Address Book
10. 24/7 customer support
Please visit following link to view pricing and payment plans from and also review different email solutions.

Question  : Can I use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by if my domain name is registered with another Registrar?--Ramona Maria

Answer : Yes! You can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services by going to following link: if your domain name is registered with another Registrar.
Note: When you place your order at that time, you will have to assign one URL to be used with the service.

Question  : I am customer and want to know why am I being asked to Change My IP Address?--Melania Iulia

Answer : In order for your Do It Myself web site to function properly, your domain names IP address must be modified. If yours Do It Myself service is activated, will automatically revise this setting for you.
If you want to check this setting yourself, you may do so by following these guidelines:
1. Log into your account Manager. Please click to log in to your Account Manager.
2. Click the domain name below SERVICES FOR ACCOUNT within your Account Manager.
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Edit IP Address Records to verify the IP address.

Question  : Where Did My Web Site with go and why are there Ads in Its Place?--Lily Daroz

Answer : If your domain name has expired and entered into administrative grace period, that is the reason for Ads on your website.
Please contact Web Services Consultants at one of the numbers given below in order to find the resolution:
* 1-902-749-5917 : Outside U.S. and Canada
* 1-877-731-4440 : Toll free within U.S. and Canada