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Score - 55

Summary: R4l achieves 99.9% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 1 existing domains were deleted from R4l and 0 domains were transferred away from R4l. The graph also shows that 10 new domains were registered with R4l and 2 domains were transferred to R4l from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, R4l has 66.67% positive user sentiment.

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Description : Hosting Review - R4l reveals visitors sentiments, feedback and user experience with reviews, ratings and comparative charts.

Address :
P.O. Box 191
St. Bruno, QC
PostalCode : J3V 4P9
Country :   Canada
Telephone No. :  514.905.6500
Email :  support@register4less.com

Hosting Reviews  (6)

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    5 star rating

     By Nikas Reviewed 30/01/2015

    R4L has implemented a new FTP gateway that makes publishing our website work in the same manner whether we are using one of our hosting plans or Free 10 MB hosting.

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    Review from Nikas

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    4 star rating

     By Ricardo Roberto Reviewed 16/06/2014

    The company is reliable and excellent in the terms of web hosting. They offer great level of support to all their clients because the company is having a very experienced and talented staff. Their customer care rep are well qualified, experienced and trained to resolve the queries of their customers very well, they guide them properly and with these they are capable too to resolve their issues on instant basis.

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    Review from Ricardo Roberto

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    4 star rating

     By Alison Mcgregor Reviewed 03/05/2014

    A very nice web hosting service offered by r4l.com...I really like their services very much, especially customer service. The level of support they offer to their customers was very good. The company said that their staffs were available for 24 hrs a day to solve the problems and grievances of their customers and if they required any assistance or guidance, they are readily available for them. I really like this thing, they fulfil their commitment which they promised in the starting when I took the decision to buy the package and they done the same. Once, I called them in the mid of the night at 3o clock, next time my problem was mail to them in early morning at 5o clock, and in both the situations I got the response from them at the same time and its amazing that they were really available all the time. Their customer support rocks.

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    Review from Alison Mcgregor

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    2 star rating

     By Kaye Bowman Reviewed 17/03/2014

    R4l.com...its a terrible web site. Whatever info they gave on their website related to the web hosting may be not very right. When I saw their website, I have seen some info related to hosting and then I purchased one of their web hosting packages for hosting my private as well as commercial web sites. By profession, I am a web designer and web developer too so I have two websites, one private and one for business use. So, I am in the need of a web hosting provider who may offer great web hosting packages with excellent features and great level of customer support at reasonable prices. Thus, I check the web sites of almost all the top web hosting companies on the net, read their customer reviews and then think and analyze them so that I can take the right decision in the context of choosing the correct web hosting company.I chosen r4l.com and here I go wrong. I have taken the wrong decision by choosing this wrong provider. After being purchased one of their web hosting plans, the features which they promised to offer in the starting were actually not offered by them. However, some of the features I got for my site, but which I required on priority and the most important do not offered by them. Their commitment was not completely fulfilled by them. With this, they promised to offer me their 24 hrs customer support, but they are not doing so as whenever I try to reach them via live chat, phone or e-mail, they never respond to my queries very well and fast, sometimes they respond but that either was too late or either their response was not very good. And sometimes one more thing happens if they were unable to resolve the minor issues on time, then the same issues becomes very major and big ones by which my web site was adversely affected. The kind of support they offered to their clients was not at all satisfactory. In my opinion, r4l is not a good and reliable web hosting provider. And you should try to avoid it.

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    Review from Kaye Bowman

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    1 star rating

     By Connie Taylor Reviewed 13/02/2014

    I dont want to use the web hosting services of this provider because of their backup facility, dedicated IP services ,domain registration which were not appropriate as per their clients requirements and I am in the need of them.

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    Review from Connie Taylor

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Abd Aziz Reviewed 01/01/2014

    The customer service of the provider rocks...the services are just too good. Whenever I had any issue, I contacted to their support staff and they respond to my queries very well and deliver suitable solutions of my problems which lead to great level of satisfaction to me.I remember once I had a major issue with my site early morning i.e. around 5o clock and I contact them on live chat and their rep revert me at the same time and that I like so much because I was not expecting such quick answer from them and that also at such a different time when everyone was sleeping but the provider is very different as the staff members were available that time also and they quickly resolve my problem. I really feel happy and satisfied too as my problem gets resolved by them in such less duration and that is beyond my expectations. I had some tech issues but they also get resolved within just few minutes, by their staff which usually not seen. So, I am very pleased with their customer service.

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    Review from Abd Aziz

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