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Summary: We are not calculating uptime for Peopleshost. The Analysis graph shows that 0 existing domains were deleted from Peopleshost and 0 domains were transferred away from Peopleshost. The graph also shows that 0 new domains were registered with Peopleshost and 0 domains were transferred to Peopleshost from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Peopleshost has 100% positive user sentiment.

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PeoplesHost was established in October 2015 after 10+ years in the hosting business with some of the largest brands in the industry.

PeoplesHost was founded on the premise of superior uptime, customer service and satisfaction. Honest reviews, fair pricing and no unlimited resources.

At PeoplesHost it’s not about cost per customer, driving down expenses and increasing profit. It’s about customer satisfaction, always striving for 100% uptime and delivering the best value for your hard earned dollar. We put less customers per server than any other mainstream host which of course translates to less issues, higher uptime and a better overall experience.

With that being said, and our years of experience we understand how to resolve some of your most complicated issues. Our team can get you up and running in little time. Whether you’re just getting started or need your website migrated from another host we can make it happen.

Hosting Reviews  (3)

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    5 star rating

     By William G. Reviewed 24/11/2016

    If you`re looking for a reliable host then look no further. PeoplesHost reached out to me so I listened with an open mind. After researching PeoplesHost and seeing their positive reviews online I decided to give them a shot.

    My previous hosting provider was plagued with downtime and horrible support. I was passed from rep to rep with the same canned responses. PeoplesHost doesn`t put up a facade. They`re honest, upfront, communicate, and handle everything very professionally. My migration wasn`t the easiest, but they updated me throughout the whole process.

    Since moving to PeoplesHost I haven`t had any issues. So far so good...I am so thankful to have been approached by such an amazing web host!

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    Review from William G.

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    5 star rating

     By Carrie White Reviewed 10/10/2016

    PeoplesHost cares about their customers. I was hesitant to make the move to PeoplesHost after they reached out on Twitter, but after reading some of their reviews I decided to take a leap of faith. Iím so glad I made the move!

    My previous host had downtime issues at least once or twice a week and also decided to discontinue support through tickets, which was the most convenient for me since I have other things to focus on. Whenever I needed to contact support it would take at least 30+ minutes sometimes over an hour just to get connected.

    PeoplesHost has far exceeded my expectations with their services and support. I`ve always received responses and had my issues resolved in minutes. They also recommended that I choose a plan that was lower than the plan I initially thought I needed to be on. This showed me that they have great intentions and really care for their customer`s best interests.

    If you`re like me and was contacted by PeoplesHost I would tell you in a heartbeat to move over to their services. I haven`t received this kind of attention with any of my previous hosts in over 5+ years. This is the best decision I`ve made for my sanity and my business!

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    Review from Carrie White

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    5 star rating

     By Karen Reviewed 21/09/2016

    I switched from A Small Orange to PeoplesHost after having lots of issues with service at ASO (left them a month ago and still getting billing demands -- it`s bad over there).... but this review is about PeoplesHost. I was quite frustrated with my previous host (and the weeks it would take to get an answer to anything), and was leary about trying another ``small,`` ``independent`` hosting company. The team at PeoplesHost was incredible. Before I signed with them, they answered questions about their company and provided examples of everything. When I finally signed on, Matt was awesome! He told me about every step they were taking. He saw performance glitches and asked for permission to fix them. My site runs faster and has had zero downtime since I switched a month ago. Even better, Matt emailed last week to ask if things are going as I expected and if there`s anything else they can do to help me meet my goals. I sincerely hope that PeoplesHost keeps this commitment to the client -- if they do, I`m a customer for life!

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    Review from Karen

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