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Score - 70

Summary: Pair Networks achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 11 existing domains were deleted from Pair Networks and 17 domains were transferred away from Pair Networks. The graph also shows that 7 new domains were registered with Pair Networks and 18 domains were transferred to Pair Networks from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Pair Networks has 83.33% positive user sentiment.

Contact Info

Description : Hosting Review - Pair Networks reveals visitors sentiments, feedback and user experience with reviews, ratings and comparative charts.

Address :
2403 Sidney Street, Suite 510
Pittsburgh, PA
PostalCode : 15203
Country :   US
Telephone No. :  +1 412 381-7247
Email :

Hosting Reviews  (6)

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    5 star rating

     By Georg K Reviewed 20/01/2015

    Consistently returning to Pair.. I use their shared hosting plans and think they are tremendous value. I have other providers, none is perfect, but on the balance Pair is top notch. I use their FreeBSD platform, but it is not important - I am pretty sure it is a matter of the administrator`s acumen more than the choice of OS. Love their account controls, I don`t really like the cPanel. Easy to customize, in case I need some extras. Stable and consistent.

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    Review from Georg K

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By Amanda Reviewed 10/12/2014

    PairCloud servers allow customers to customize their server according to their requirements while taking advantage of their infrastructure. It has multiple account option. Accounts start at under $1 a day. Transfer amounts are included but incoming traffic is not charged.

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    Review from Amanda

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Cristina Traversaro Reviewed 01/07/2014

    I am connected with such good company from last 1 year only but in this last one year I found myself relax as this company offers good and reliable web hosting solutions for my business. I never face the issue of downtime of server in such a long period, otherwise mostly it is seen that the down of server is the most frequent issue face by max no. of clients from their web hosting companies. But here this is not the case, as their servers are always up and my site was also never shut down and due to this my website was running very smoothly and fast and it leads to the increased no. of visitors of my site which in turn generates my profit and finally it leads to the increased growth of my business. So, overall this company proves profitable to me as the purpose for which I hire their services is fulfilled.

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    Review from Cristina Traversaro

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Bravo Canuza Reviewed 11/06/2014

    I was using the services of this company since the company has been started. My requirements are very wide, as I am having a big company and running business on wide scale so in the first year I have the need of only web hosting to host my business site, in the second year, I was in the need of completely managed dedicated servers, in the third year I wanted co- location services, in the fourth year I was looking for VPS (Virtual Private servers), in the next to next year the need arises for e-commerce hosting and then after 4 yrs., there was a need for services by which domain name can be registered. All the above needs are fulfilled by one provider, this is simply amazing as I was not expecting this much which this company offered me in the last several years as my need increases year by year but this provider did not disappointed me, whenever I asked for something they always provide positive answers and try their level best to offer me their best in class hosting services.I am really very happy with this because with all the above when I required their customer as well as technical support they were also good in that. Their staff deals and talk to me very patiently, when I asked to give their suggestions or guidance on anything they revert with good answers very promptly. When I had any kind of issue whether technical or others, they always resolve the issue as soon as possible and that too without any further mistake means they try to resolve the issues on permanent basis and not on temporary basis, so that I do not face the same issue again in future. This shows that they are very good in serving their customers very well and the company who is good at serving their customers, in hosting the websites is overall consider as a great and reliable web hosting company.

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    Review from Bravo Canuza

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Craciunoiu Alexandra Reviewed 30/04/2014

    The company has been hosting my five websites since 2005 and I do not have any complaints yet. They are offering a full range of hosting solutions and services for web sites meant for musicians, bloggers, artists, businesses, non- governmental organizations, educational institutions such as colleges, schools etc.When I took the decision that I avail the services of this provider before that I visit its website and came to know that the company is having its data centre which is custom built in the Pittsburgh, PA to serve the clients from more than 150 countries. The company’s data centre is having thousands of their servers which serve around billions and millions of hits on web each day.As I am having a very high profile website so this is the one who really host my site correctly and without any issues and overall I am happy on my decision of selection of great web hosting provider.

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    Review from Craciunoiu Alexandra

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Virginia Ercolano Reviewed 27/03/2014

    I have been using pair networks from last eight months and I am pleased with the services as it offers a complete range of hosting solutions to me. By profession, I am an artist and I have a website on which several no. of paintings and designs made by me are posted and there are several no. of visitors who visit my site on daily basis. So, I want the services very efficient and effective in order to run my site in a proper and smooth manner and this need has been fulfilled by the pair networks.One of my friends is a businessman and another one is a musician and both of them have the same need as of mine. They are having their own websites and wanted the provider who can host their sites very well which leads to the generation of more business and work. Thus, with me they also avail the services and are happy with the overall services of web hosting.

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    Review from Virginia Ercolano

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24.  #ifnetasbecomeanchors mms would be hosting news for hearing impaired..--ShrrinG Company Overview is a company that offers hosting services. This company was founded back in 1996 and has gained a reputation for itself since operates from a state of the art data center in River Park Commons in Pittsburgh, USA. Some of the hosting services the company offers are: Shared hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, VPS hosting, Colocation servers, E-commerce hosting and Cloud hosting.

Performance/Reliability and Uptime report

The company uses state of the art technologies such as Juniper and Brocade technologies in their data centers to ensure excellent hosting speed and performance, which enhances the reliability of their services. The use of SSD hard drives and INTEL CPUs, which further improves their hosting performance. Moreover, the customers support team is always on standby via phone and e-mail to help clients.

Hosting plans

Shared hosting from the company operates in 4 hosting plans: package 1, package 2, package 3 and package 4.

Dedicated server hosting services from the company on the other hand come in 4 categories: overstock dedicated servers, entry level dedicated servers, professional level dedicated servers and enterprise class dedicated servers. For the overstock-dedicated servers, the company offers only one hosting plan, the QS-X plan that comes with phone and e-mail support and no set up fee. The entry level dedicated servers on the other hand operate on 2 plans: QS-1 hosting plan and QS-2 plan. For professional level dedicated servers, users get the QS-3 hosting plan and the QS-4 hosting plan. Finally, for enterprise class dedicated servers, this company offers 2 hosting plans: QS-5 and QS-6 hosting plan.

VPS server hosting from the company is fully managed and operates on 4 hosting plans: VPS-1, VPS-2, VPS-3 and VPS-4 hosting plans.

The company also offers a high volume storage plan for their clients.

For cloud hosting, the company offers 2 categories; budget pair Cloud servers and pair Cloud servers. Budget PairCloud servers operate on 2 plans: vCPU1 plan and the vCPU2 plan. As for pairCloud servers, the company offers7 hosting plans: vCPU1, vCPU2 plan, vCPu4 plan, vCPU8 plan, vCPU 12 plan, vCPU 16 plan and the vCPU20 plan.

Colocation services from hosting company are offered in 3 hosting plans: Package1 hosting plan, Package 2 hosting plan and package 3 hosting plan.

The company also offers their clients ShopSite enabled e-commerce hosting services. These operate in 3 hosting plans: the ShopSite Starter plan, the ShopSite Manager plan and the ShopSite Pro plan.

pair review

Features and control panel

The hosting services that offers clients comes with a variety of features. Some of the standard features included in the hosting plans from the company include 24/7 phone and e-mail support, dedicated IP addresses, FTP access, mailing lists, SSL certificate, ShopSite e-commerce software, MySQL databases, a frees set up, a100 days money back guarantee, SSD hard drives among many other great features.

The hosting services from this company use the cPanel control panel.


The customer support team at this company is reachable via phone and e-mail. However, the Company’s hosting does not offer clients live chat customer support. The support team at the company is available 24/7 to cater for their clients hosting needs. The Company further offers a knowledgebase where clients can get further support.


  • Clients at hosting company are entitled to a 100-day money back guarantee.
  • Hosting services from this Company are full of great features from which clients can choose.
  • The customer support team at the company is available 24/7 via phone and e-mail to cater for clients’ needs.
  • Services from Company offer clients excellent performance, speed and reliability.


  • Company does not offer their clients live chat customer support.
  • There are no discount coupons currently on offer at hosting company.

Cancellation/refund policy

The company offers clients a 100-day money back guarantee. This ensures clients can get a full refund within 100 days if they are unsatisfied with the company’s services.


There are currently no discount coupons on offer for clients from this company.

Conclusion offers reliable and well performing hosting services to their clients. On top of that, their hosting services are speedy and come with very many features. The support team at the company is very helpful and can be reached 24/7 via phone and e-mail.