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Summary: Nic achieves 97.61% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 91 existing domains were deleted from Nic and 11 domains were transferred away from Nic. The graph also shows that 102 new domains were registered with Nic and 2 domains were transferred to Nic from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Nic has 37.28% positive user sentiment.

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Telephone No. :  +7 095 1967278, Fax: +7 095 1964984
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1.  @nurseki lol it`s some kind of musical special nick cannon is hosting it! i`ve never heard of it before tonight either lol--

2.  technical issues with our hosting provider are preventing the release of this month`s episode. we`ll give you an update when we have one!--

3.  the social justice academy will be hosting a rally tomorrow at lunch in the quad! join us in our ongoing fight for ethnic studies--

4.  @beanzdakilla well it`s a mix of communications/journalism and we learn how to film as well as being in front of the camera hosting.--

5. nick van woert covers ... via @easy_branches #easybranches #seo #hosting #webdesign #marketing #domainnames--

6. melo-led knicks turn table on ... via @easy_branches #easybranches #seo #hosting #webdesign #marketing #domainnames--

7.  @electriclady_xo oic, she`s doing great. it`s live, w nick canon hosting.--

8.  @nickgulotta white house is hosting the 1st-ever virtual--

9.  @nicolekatrice_ my cover of musiq soulchild`s love, opening/hosting a show at #uncg! rt if you like =)--

10.  @johnny_foo i work with him. he`s the nicest guy ever. don`t know why people are hosting on him.--

11.  @ajmartha well i`ll technically be hosting it so you can be his +1 <3333--

12.  it must be nice that rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers knows she has a future in hosting children`s shows if this gig doesn`t work out.--

13.  ditto! rt @erinotoole1: shoutout to @jackiefortier for hosting live #sotu coverage on @kunc .:. nicely done!--

14.  shoutout to @jackiefortier for hosting live #sotu coverage on @kunc .:. nicely done!--

15.  independent technical services .. website design --hosting and custom programming qvkx--

16.  tonight at emerson theater we have wale hosting as well as @nickydiamonds birthday celebration.

17.  alert: co-hosting a big "review&preview" tomorrow (1/29/14) 5p et on wcwpsports. org! #sb48, #knicks+#nets, #yankees+#mets & #stadiumseries--

18.  @jdavis1598 nice martel told me i was hosting a recruit and he told me about you before so i assumed it was you--

19.  awesome small business web hosting in 2014 from bitronic technologies via @bitronictech--

20. nicha rises, luksika falls in ... via @easy_branches #easybranches #seo #hosting #webdesign #marketing #domainnames--

21.  estrategia web en las redes sociales #hospedajeweb, #alojamientoweb #hosting--

22.  im hosting a honda meet at sonic--

23.  @ianclark95 @thatsianokid we`re having a ladies night nick!!!!!?? ian`s hosting!--

24. electronic arts cuts sales outlook via @easy_branches #easybranches #seo #hosting #webdesign #marketing #domainnames--

25.  great work @seamusoregan on #bellletstalk excited for apr26 & hosting bluetiebingo for @brigadoontweets -send kids w/chronic illness 2 camp!--

26.  watch online! for anyone interested, we are hosting a free conference in venice, florida this weekend on...

27.  watch online! for anyone interested, we are hosting a free conference in venice, florida this weekend on "experiencing the power and...--

28.  @cammingcon @hannahcanada69 @xoxokylieparker @teamabbybell @nickyparker_ website as hosting this event there. lmao at what the hotel will do--

29.  iconic tweet of 2k13 "@miluvmisumneeki: you shouldn`t have to put up your email to get a hosting when you`re a so called queen. @lilkim"--

30.  @nickelodeontv when are the kcas? who`s hosting?--