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Score - 58

Summary: Netfirms achieves 99.71% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 1 existing domains were deleted from Netfirms and 219 domains were transferred away from Netfirms. The graph also shows that 3 new domains were registered with Netfirms and 45 domains were transferred to Netfirms from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Netfirms has 44.44% positive user sentiment.

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Description : Hosting Review - Netfirms reveals visitors sentiments, feedback and user experience with reviews, ratings and comparative charts.

Address :
5160 Yonge St. Ste #1800
Toronto, ON
PostalCode : M2N 6L9
Country :   Canada
Telephone No. :  +1 416 661 2100, Fax: +1 416 631 8976
Email :

Hosting Reviews  (9)

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    1 star rating

     By ian Sinclair Reviewed 17/06/2017

    Netfirms was a great company until they were bought by EIG (Endurance International Group). Their products and service went into the toilet so quickly that I figured that EIG was just trying to kill competition. Now, whenever I am looking for a host, I first check to make sure that they are not owned by EIG.

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    Review from ian Sinclair

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    5 star rating

     By Liz MacDougall Reviewed 03/01/2017

    I`ve been managing multiple wordpress and html sites on Netfirms since about 2005 - all low budget non-profit sites. If I have a new client on another server I`ll only take them on if I can migrate the site to Netfirms. I`ve had enough with other service providers who have untrained staff compared to Netfirms excellent support staff. Not sure about one site but very reasonable price for the quality of service on multiple sites. 10/10 every year from me.

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    Review from Liz MacDougall

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By taruna Reviewed 23/03/2016

    I like the support service of netfirms

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    Review from taruna

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     By Cole Reviewed 23/02/2016

    It`s cool

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    Review from Cole

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Shyam Joshi Reviewed 12/12/2014

    Netfirms is offering discount on web hosting plan. After discount the price is $2.49/mo of web hosting on purchasing. It Includes free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, $150 advertising credits.

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    Review from Shyam Joshi

  • review user image
    1 star rating

     By Roxan Bobias Reviewed 31/05/2014

    From last nine years, I was connected with this provider Netfirms. I found them excellent. When you get your domain registered with them, they usually offer WhoIs privacy at free of cost and an excellent file manager. Their level of customer as well as technical support was very quick and user-friendly. To manage your domains, their web interface was innate and worked properly. They offer very good coupons and sales but now I heard the news that the company was being purchased by other company and due to this, their performance deteriorates.

    •Without providing any notice in advance, file manager was taken by them for those who did not subscribed to their web hosting services. This issue occurs with me and when I asked them for the same, they told me that I am having domain only, thus I don’t required to access the file system. I told them that to manage my files based on .htaccess; I required accessing the system. And then they offer FTP access in a limited qty.

    •Renewal rates and fees for WhoIs privacy was increased by them without any notification. When bill was received by me, I called their technical support and one of their rude supporting staff informed that “We will always follow the same way as long as you’ve been with us”. Netfirms was a very good company and my exp with the provider is also good.

    •I want to renew my domains as all of my domains got expired. I called them for this and they revert back to me that may be my auto renew was cancelled by me, I said them no. But they do not trust me and said that if you want to argue then please contact to our legal department. They don’t left any option with me except that I have to renew my domains with the help of them, for this I have to pay them a fees and I also wait for them for three months for its transfer. After passing of three months, even I renewed all my domains but still half of them got expired and I have the receipts too. I was unable to access them in order to manage them.

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    Review from Roxan Bobias

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Elis Fitria Reviewed 26/05/2014

    Since 2004, I was connected with Netfirms. Several no. of websites were hosted by me on my domain and I did not face any major issues yet and yes if there is any minor issue then all get resolved soon via different modes. In the last 1 year, their applications such as scripts, word press, mojo, weebly, new mail customer and back office services were updated by them and thus I also got the opportunity by which my services and thus the database of my customers also upgraded by me. Highly recommended Netfirms to all those who are searching for the affordable web hosting providers and who offers tools which are low in prices and met the needs of the small and medium size businesses.

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    Review from Elis Fitria

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By Icat Sayon Reviewed 30/04/2014

    From last several years, Netfirms was used by me for hosting small website and e-mail. When I select the provider for this purpose, they were Canadian, but now netfirms and one larger company based at US got merged which disappoints me a lot. Good thing is that I never face the problem of downtime of server in the last 4-5 years and as my needs were reticent, I do not face issues which other reviewers may have. Whenever I called them for their support, they respond in a very proper manner, their staffs was so intelligent, qualified and experienced, they were able to answer all the queries very quickly. But now I am changing to other web host because I want to transfer my websites to a dedicated server. But from my exp, I would like to recommend the provider.

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    Review from Icat Sayon

  • review user image
    1 star rating

     By Esguerra Andres Reviewed 24/02/2014

    Earlier Netfirms was consider as a great web hosting company but these days something got wrong with them. Recently I face an issue in which my website becomes un-accessible if it is view through 3g wireless or other services. In the first year I did not face this issue but now-a-days I am facing this issue again and again. Some people are complaining that they cannot access my website through wirelessly and wifi, even I tried to access it through 3g in the last 1 month but unfortunately I cannot. So, I reach the customer care of the company but they said that your website is working well, there was no issue. Then I asked them to plz help me so they asked for some of the info, doc. I was very patient and as per their need I submit them all the info and screenshots, give them a call several no. of times but at the end no solution, problem remain as it is.

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    Review from Esguerra Andres

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Recommended User Sentiment

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2.  thanks for the alert @lrcmag on my down website. it`s an issue with netfirms hosting. (thank tech skills are limited.)--KellyS_Thompson

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Netfirms Overview

Netfirms has been in business from 1998. It  has technology professionals who assist scientists, businessman, designers, small- and medium-sized business, developers and similar people by offering them premium and reliable technology; user friendly and reasonable solutions; web hosting solutions; useful advice. It is considered as one of largest web hosting and domain name providers.

Netfirms: Reliability and Performance

Overall Netfirms in terms of offering reliability and performance, is considered as a trustworthy and good provider. However, it does not offer any uptime guarantee but still it serves its customers very well by providing them reliable and premium technology based servers, which most of the time are up and keep servers secure.

Netfirms Plans

Web Hosting of Netfirms comes with 3 hosting plans namely Advantage, Plus and Business. All of them includes Unlimited Diskspace, Scalable Bandwidth, Unlimited Multi-Website Hosting, Free Domains, Drag and Drop Builder, Free 1 Click Apps, E-Commerce, Unlimited E-Mail Accounts and various realted features like POP3 / SMTP, IMAP, Webmail, E-mail Forwarding etc. It also includes PhpMyAdmin, Unlimited Domains & Sub-domains, Linux, Blog, CMS features, Forum and Gallery features, osCommerce, ShopSite, phpList, Mantis, PHProjekt, Wiki & Security related features with satisfaction guarantee.

VPS Hosting offers you with 2 Dedicated IPs, OpenVZ Platform and Linux.

E-Commerce Hosting Solutions are Global E-Commerce Ready, easy to install,offers tools to retain clients, Fully Customizable Catalog Templates, Powerful Administration Tool. Their Business plan offers Shopsite, free domain names, Clustered hosting, Unlimited disk space, Scalable monthly bandwidth, Unlimited website hosting,    Unlimited Email addresses with 24/7 phone and e-mail support.

Netfirms Price Value


Netfirms: Features and Control Panel

  1. 24 Hrs Customer Service, Control panel, Free Domain and FREE e-commerce tools
  2. Ready-to-go-Websites, WordPress websites and blogs
  3. Gallery & Forums, CMS and E-Mail, Domain name & Databases
  4. PHP 4 / PHP 5, Perl (CGI-BIN), Server Side Includes, Custom Error Pages, Python
  5. phpList and Mantis & PHProjekt
  6. Free One-Click Applications
  7. osCommerce & ShopSite
  8. SSL Certificates & Secure FTP Access
  9. 30-day money-back guarantee
  10. Scripting & Add-Ons and Marketing Services

Netfirms Support

In terms of offering good customer support, company is offering this service to their clients for 24 Hrs a day. If you have any queries or technical issue and seeking advice or solution for the same, their Customer care representatives are available at their helpdesk for the whole day.

Along with this, their Knowledgebase articles and Video Tutorials on various subjects are given on the website, which you may used for your help.


  1. Undisputed reputation
  2. Unrivaled technology
  3. Ease of use
  4. Exceptional value
  5. Flexible range of products
  6. Instant Setup


No Uptime Guarante is offered

Cancellation Policy

In terms of offering Satisfaction Guarantee to clients, company offers them a refund policy. Provider gives the guarantee to refund the money within 30 Days if don`t found the services appropriate and this creates or develop satisfaction among the customers. 30 Days Money back guarantee is available. 


Netfirms offers a wide range of solutions like web hosting, domain name registration, e-mail hosting, e-commerce web site hosting, technology, e-marketing services. Company`s clients comprises of individuals, small home offices, small and large businesses who are looking for reliable services. It hosted over 1.2 million websites with their web hosting services. It is a recommended provider by all due to high quality, and reliability it offers.