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Namespro is a Canadian owned domain provider, offers dependable and trustworthy domain services at exceptional value, since 2003. Services offered by the company includes Web Hosting- Linux shared hosting features unlimited resources and powerful tools, Windows hosting come with disk space, bandwidth and 30-day money back guarantee, dedicated email hosting protected by spam filtering and virus scanning and DNS hosting. Apart from services, Namespro hosting features include 99.9% uptime guarantee, redundant network, cPanel, free setup, one-click installation; host multiple domains, money back policy, automatic backup, installation of WordPress, phpBB, Joomla and other applications in just a few minutes and many more.

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Address :
#220 - 744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
PostalCode : V6C1A5
Country :   Canada
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Namespro Reviews  (8)

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    1 star rating

     By Rob Sem Reviewed 28/04/2015

    Namespro support is frustrating! You can`t speak with them by telephone when technical issues occur. (They is NO PHONE NUMBER listed on their website!) All support must be done via an awkward support `ticket` system in which you send a message to them from their website. One big drawback with this system is that if you need a record of this request then you must print the web page screen ... I would expect they could at least email you a record of the request at the time you make the request. The other huge drawback is unacceptably long response times: in each of the 3 occasions that I submitted a support request ticket, they responded over 4 (four!) hours later. This isn`t even close to the 1.5 business hours that they supposedly `strive` to maintain. I agree with the other comment (by Glenn C.) that it would be so much easier to resolve issues and questions with a short phone call.
    Namespro`s email system is awful:
    - you can`t configure incoming email filtering or blackisting
    - you can`t configure your spam settings (you must rely on Namespro`s behind-the-scenes spam flagging)
    - the only way to configure a whitelist for incoming email is to create a separate special "user account" for each email address and define your settings there (instead using the main administration control panel page or the users` webmail settings page).
    - if you use a POP3 mail client with SSL then you sometimes get a stupid popup box asking for userid, password and domain.

    I have been using them for a few weeks for email and will be cancelling to get a refund once I find a good hosting provider.

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    Review from Rob Sem

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    1 star rating

     By Glenn Coombes Reviewed 17/04/2015

    I have been using for 3 years, all is well till you need support. you will spend hours going back and forth with emails when a simple 3 minute phone call would suffice but only an answering service is provided. Even after numerous request to call, nothing, just more emails without the required information.

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    Review from Glenn Coombes

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    5 star rating

     By Harry Young Reviewed 21/01/2015

    I have been using Namespro for 5 years, I am no genius on the web back end but they have the time and patience to assist when ever I get stuck and cannot solve a problem on my own. I just am amazed after years of other providers that I didn`t find out about these guys sooner, they make me look like a star all the time. well done and keep it up.

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    Review from Harry Young

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    3 star rating

     By Roxana Hustea Reviewed 06/05/2014

    The company offers high and good quality services and products in order to develop confidence in their clients so that they will remain stuck with this company , may be this is company?s strategy to keep their existing and new customers always with them. I think this is the strategy but may be this is company?s good service which they try to offer to all their customers and it works also as I one of their client really feel happy and glad with the services of the company. And it works on me at least as I have decided that I will be with this company in my future also to host my other websites.

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    Review from Roxana Hustea

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    1 star rating

     By Maria Pasca Reviewed 25/04/2014

    I really applaud the services of the company as it offers so many things which are really beneficial for hosting my sites and for my company too.
    They offer several things as follow:
    * Offer reliable and dependable services of domain
    * Service is supported by the great technology
    * Interface of mgt. to handle max no. of domains and registrants on each and every account
    * Web hosting features includes bonus value added features
    * Online ticketing system for the interaction with exp customer care staff
    * Offering high and good quality products and services
    The above given things are the basic need of any person who is in the need of a company to host their websites and all these needs are fulfilled here with the services of this company.

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    Review from Maria Pasca

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    4 star rating

     By Alexandra Ana Reviewed 07/03/2014

    The ticketing system which is available via online mode is simply great of the provider as it allows their clients to interact with their highly trained and exp customer care staff very fast and quick and very efficiently also if you have any queries or questions. Actually I am in the need of such provider only who can offer max level of customer support because earlier also I had various issues in the context of hosting of sites but that company?s staff also not supports a lot so this is my first most need and now I got the company who fulfil this need of mine.

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    Review from Alexandra Ana

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    4 star rating

     By Sorina Maria Reviewed 13/02/2014 is a great web hosting provider, it is a CIRA certified registrar and a company which offer the services of the domain and is based at Canada. It?s a good and an old company which was started in the year 2003 and in no time it has grown so much that now it becomes one of the leading registrars in Canada.I was looking for a provider and I got this and happy with this as it offers whole range of the services of domain from their advanced interface for the management of domain by which max no. of domains and registrant for each and every account can be handled to my web hosting plans and to my ticketing system via online mode. I was also happy as the plans they offer includes list of those features that offer bonus value.

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    Review from Sorina Maria

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By Veronica Moroiu Reviewed 04/01/2014

    I was connected with from last 5 yrs., as I was searching for a provider who promised to offer reliable and dependable services of domain to their clients. And I am in the search of such services only so one of my friends suggests me about this company. And I used the services and feel satisfied as they offer what actually I am looking for. With the domain services, the level of technical and customer support is also reliable and great. I also felt confidence in myself as the support they offered is supported by the great technology and by this I feel secure and safe to a great extent as company has done some arrangements in order to provide safety to their client?s data also.

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    Review from Veronica Moroiu

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