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Melbourneit Analysis for 09 October 2015

Summary: Melbourneit achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 0 existing domains were deleted from Melbourneit and 0 domains were transferred away from Melbourneit. The graph also shows that 0 new domains were registered with Melbourneit and 0 domains were transferred to Melbourneit from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Melbourneit has 100% positive user sentiment.

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Address :
Level 2, 120 King St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000,
Country :   Australia
Telephone No. :  +61 3 8624 2400 & +61 3 8624 2499
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Melbourneit Reviews  (2)

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    5 star rating

     By Reviewed 13/11/2014

    It is all about uptime and support for me - and Melbourneit is the best I have used with both! On the rare occasions when I have need help and/or support they have been phenomenal. They are easy to reach, easy to understand and always take care of the issue quickly! The best!

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    Review from Juan

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    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 13/11/2014

    I switched to Melbourneit a few months ago after I had a lot of lengthy downtime with my previous host. My experience with Melbourneit was quite the opposite. My site has hardly been down at all. My site`s response time is also very fast. Pingdom tests have shown it to rank in the top 9% of sites tested! Melbourneit customer service has been excellent.

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    Review from Mark

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1.  #webcentral and #melbourneit rival @godaddy for incompetence when hosting websites, i have to log a job to change an a record!--chillybindesign