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Summary: MacHighway achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 0 existing domains were deleted from MacHighway and 2 domains were transferred away from MacHighway. The graph also shows that 1 new domains were registered with MacHighway and 0 domains were transferred to MacHighway from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, MacHighway has 28.57% positive user sentiment.

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MacHighway Reviews  (7)

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    1 star rating

     By will Reviewed 16/11/2015

    I used MacHighway for many years, mostly because I did not want to take time to find a better provider and when there were not problems it would work for months on end. But whenever they did not work, it was always considered to be the user rather than technical issues with the service.

    I have used Macs since the early 90`s and done all my own work on them, so know the Mac better than most, including most MacHighway support, so the default to user failure always galled, especially since the problem always turned out to be on their side.

    The most recent was spam. I started getting loads of it pretty suddenly with several addresses and none with 2 others. Their SpamAssassin did not really help. Tried their fancy spam service for $6.49/month and it fixed most, but I could not interact with it to see that it was not filtering good messages and now my price was 11.50/mo. Many support emails, and some of the guys really tried, but within their culture, the user is always at fault so it got irritating. Finally I was told I had one month left of service. I was fired. I was costing them too much time for something they would/could not fix.

    I setup with Little Oak, who`s support to date is quite knowledgable. I have a handful of spams/week with the exact same email addresses and SpamAssasin set at 10 (less aggressive than default) whereas, with it set at 3-4 on Machighway I had 100 or more spams a day from 3 addresses.

    Still my fault at MacHighway, I am so glad they stimulated me to finally move.

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    Review from will

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    1 star rating

     By Robert Reviewed 08/04/2015

    Worst hosting site known to man. Techs are rude, the people are most unhelpful. Our site was hacked (it was a word press site), and our domain was spamming. They took the site down, which I understand. When someone went to our site it said it was "SUSPENDED". We got our webmaster on the issue immediately. They refused to let us log into Cpanel so we could access the files to resolve the issue.

    Essentially, they took us down 3 different times with only an email as notice, not even to my business email to a back up personal email account.

    Then they kicked us off the site, we asked for access to get a copy of the data and they refused. Asshats! 34% of our business comes from the website. They were unhelpful, unprofessional, just absolute jerks! Do NOT recommend anyone using them. They`ve done the same thing to a couple of clients we referred to them. We won`t be referring our clients to them any more.

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    Review from Robert

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    4 star rating

     By Glenn Reviewed 19/11/2014

    MacHighway has recently offered people a new product which is used to create their own websites for their small businesses. It provides a new tool which is useful in creating domain, building websites, get their emails to enhance their business. The service cost starts at $4.95 a month and providing SEO services and features also.

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    Review from Glenn

  • review user image
    1 star rating

     By Martina Schmitt Reviewed 27/06/2014

    In my opinion, Machighway is a good web hosting provider; like I avail their plan and I got so many features with other important things to host my website:

    •Security- the Company offers various options related to safety and security of data like their spam assassin or virus filter and Advanced Spam Quarantine to check or screen the mails and to protect their users and website against hackers, the company offers trust seal and malware scan to lock the website. Their above tools are required by every client in order to provide optimal protection to their websites. Really these tools are great as I am feeling very confident because my data is safe and so everything.

    •Uptime guarantee- The provider offers 99% uptime on my website. The company understands the importance of their client’s website and their trust on them and accordingly they take their actions and credit our account for the hiring of complete month’s service.

    •Money back Guarantee- The provider will return your complete web hosting fees within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their web hosting services.

    •Complete Wind power-The client reduces the environmental impact by choosing this provider. The company buy credits of wind energy.

    •Complete Customer Support- the Company offers efficient and complete customer as well as technical support to their clients for 24 hrs a day. Whenever I need their help, I just gave them a call and they revert with the satisfactory and appropriate answers which delivers me max customer satisfaction. If I drop them a mail, then they revert instantly with the solution of the problem and that too very fast. The staffs is very efficient and knowledgeable, they have vast amount of all the required info and answers of all your queries whether simple or complicated ones. The company is having community forums, phone and e-mail support for their clients and by all this they definitely satisfy their customers a lot.

    •Support to the Mac users- If you are using the hosting services of this company or a customer, and then you don’t need to ask their customer care staff also, as their online support is available for their clients 24 hrs a day on their website. You just need to visit their site and you will get all what you want. On the website, their instructions on how to resolve the queries are given step by step and some video tutorials are also given, which user may go through on the site to see how to resolve the queries or how to follow each and every step if problem is to be solved at the user end and is complicated one. Thus, the company offers tools which offers unmatched expertise and support.

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    Review from Martina Schmitt

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By Kristina Scott Reviewed 21/05/2014

    The provider offers various web hosting plans containing different hosting features to host the websites with specials like domain name can be registered without any charges with their any yearly, biennial or triennial web hosting plan.

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    Review from Kristina Scott

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Stephanie Acosta Reviewed 31/03/2014

    The company is very good. I like their services a lot. It offers wide website builders or developers which are very easy to use on all their web hosting packages. I Sign up for their package and avail their installer which works on just one click in order to get Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5, Word press on my website.As I am a fresher and I do not understand so much about the websites, I don’t know how to develop websites so, their easy site builder feature help me a lot and other people who don’t know much about the websites. With this feature, their customer and technical support both are perfect. Already their feature helps me a lot in building websites and with this, if I face any kind of issue then I just called them and they revert with the appropriate and satisfactory answers. So, overall I am very happy because with their great features I am getting their great level of support also.

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    Review from Stephanie Acosta

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By Carter Yeager Reviewed 21/02/2014

    Machighway is a great web hosting provider. It offers various web hosting plans containing several features and tools relevant in the context of web hosting such as redundant web hosting on automated basis, hosting of more than one site, tools for promotion and SEO, private e-mail addresses at their clients domain name, installation of Drupal, Joomla, Word press, message boards, -commerce and many more on just one click. I am very lucky that I have been connected with such great hosting provider which offers so many features and useful tools to host my website. Another good thing is that all these things are available at an affordable price at only 2.95$ per month.I used these features and their hosting services to host my three websites and I am very pleased to say that my decision of availing the services of this provider is totally correct as I am totally satisfied with the services, features and support of the provider.

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    Review from Carter Yeager

Recommended Complaint for MacHighway

Click here to file a complaint Company Overview is a hosting company that is located in the United States. This company began offering hosting services in the year 1997. The company handles its operations from its data centers located in US and Canada. This hosting company offers its clients web hosting and e-mail hosting services. The web hosting services offered by this company are specifically designed by Mac users for Mac users.

Performance/Reliability and Uptime report hosting company operates from state of the art data centers. They use the latest technologies in their data centers, which further ensure that the company offers clients excellent performance and reliable hosting services. Their hosting services further more operate on 100% wind energy and thus are eco-friendly. On top of that, their hosting services offer clients a 99.9 % network uptime guarantee.

Hosting plans

The web hosting services from this company operates on 3 hosting plans; small hosting plan, medium hosting plan and the large hosting plan. Some of the standard features of these plans are:24/7 customer support, weebly website builder, free domain registration with the annual plan, unlimited bandwidth, free cloud storage from Just Cloud and 99.9% guaranteed customer support along with many others.

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Features and control panel

The hosting services from hosting company come with a variety of hosting features. Some of these features are 24/7 customer support, free weeblydrag and drop website builder, free domain registration with the annual plan, $100 Google Adwords Credit, unlimited e-mail auto responders, web mail, Spam assassin, unlimited bandwidth, free cloud storage from Just Cloud and 99.9% guaranteed customer support along with many others.Some of the other hosting features that this web hosting company offers their clients include: phpBB, WordPress, Coppermine photo gallery, Joomla, phpMyAdmin, cube cart shopping cart, Zen cart shopping cart, raw access log files, SSL, HTML, Perl 5.8, CGI-Bin, Ruby on Ralis, OS Commerce shopping cart, Drupal, Tikiwiki and Xoops enabled along with many other excellent hosting features.


The customer support team from this hosting company can be reachedvia phone,e-mail and live chat. The customer support and sales teams from hosting company is furthermore reachable 24/7 to cater for their clients’ needs. The company also has a FAQs section that clients can use to get further support from the company.

Pros offers their clients a 30-day money back guarantee.

The hosting services from this hosting company come with a variety of hosting features from which users can choose.

Clients get to enjoy a guaranteed network uptime of 99.9% from hosting company.


There are currently no discount coupons on offer for the company’s clients.

The company only offers web hosting and e-mail hosting services

Cancellation/Refund policy

The hosting company offers their clients a 30-day money back guarantee. This ensures that clients get a 100% refund in case they are unsatisfied with the services offered by the company.


The web hosting services from are very reliable and offer clients 99.9% guaranteed network. The support team from this company is also reachable via phone, e-mail and live chat 24/7. On top of that, this hosting company offers clients a variety of hosting features that they can enjoy. The hosting company offers eco-friendly hosting services by using 100% wind energy to power their data centers.