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Question  : Do Lunarpages offer Ruby on Rails on their servers?--Vatafu Adelina

Answer : Yes, many of Lunarpages Linux servers support Ruby on Rails with FastCGI. Please contact to verify if your server supports RoR. If it does not, Lunarpages can move you to a server that does.

Question  : How many email accounts do I get with Lunarpages? What are the limitations?--Sabrinna Ann

Answer : Lunarpages offer unlimited email addresses with your account for your Basic, Business, and Windows plans. The only space limit is the storage space of your account. As long as you do not exceed the storage limit on your account or the email limit you set, you may have as many emails as you`d like.
By default, email accounts are set up with 250 MB of space, but this can be adjusted up or down at your discretion using the Mail menu in your control panel. You may even set your email accounts to unlimited so the only space limit is what is allocated to your account.

Question  : I am customer and have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?--Ramii CR

Answer : You can use Lunarpages Password Recovery Page to retrieve your password. Please note your email address must match what Lunarpages currently have on file.
Alternatively you can email and request that they re-send your login information to the email address on file. You can also give Lunarpages a call at 714-521-8150 and they can send you your login information.

Question  : How to Put in Upgrade or Plan Change Request with Lunarpages?--Miki Loredana

Answer : Moving from one plan type to the next will require Lunarpages to verify who you are. For verification reasons, could you please provide the following:
* Primary Domain Name:
* User Name:
* Last 4 Digits of Credit Card on Record:
If you do not have a credit card on record then please provide:
* Primary Domain:
* Username:
* Postal Address:
* Phone Number:
* First/Last Digits of Password:
You can either e-mail these details to or put in a new help desk ticket letting Lunarpages know your required change over.

Question  : What is the cost for registering a domain name with Lunarpages?--Patrichi Bogdan

Answer : Here are the prices for registering a domain name with Lunarpages. Lunarpages currently act as the domain name register for .com, .org, .name, .us, .biz, .info, .net, .ca and
Yearly Domain Registration Prices
* 1 to 4 years @ $19.95 a year
* 5 to 9 years @ $13.95 a year
* 10 years @ $10.95 a year

Question  : What is the verification information and why is Lunarpages requesting it?--Veronique Anc

Answer : Before any big web hosting plan or account changes, Lunarpages technical support will often ask you for your verification information. In most cases this will be the last four digits of the credit card on record or your first and last digits of your password. This way they can confirm you are the account owner - and can proceed with the changes that you have requested to your web hosting plan or account with Lunarpages.

Question  : If I wish to cancel or change Automatic Billing Method with Lunarpages?--Izabela Andreea

Answer : If you do not want your site to be auto renewed, you will need to send an email to requesting a change or put in a help desk ticket. You will then receive an email before your account expires and you must make arrangements to pay the account.

Question  : How is billing process handled at Lunarpages?--Radu Catalin

Answer : All billing is handled at Lunarpages automatically using the billing method you have on record for your web hosting account. If your billing method (such as PayPal, credit card, etc) has not changed, you have nothing to worry about. You will not need to do anything unless you need to change your payment details or cancel your account. All accounts are set to auto renew as per the terms of service.
Please see Lunarpages Terms of Service:

Question  : What are the benefits of adding Premium restore Service to my website hosted by Ungureanu

Answer : Benefits of adding Premium restore Service to your website/hosting account is that you have access to Lunarpages online backup data at any time for any reason. Please remember that Lunarpages keeps backup only for three days. So you would be unable to restore backup older than that.

Question  : Is ASP enabled on my site hosted through Lunarpages?--Nicolas Sanky

Answer : You can add ASP when signing up for your account with Lunarpages.
* Basic and Business: ASP is not enabled by default.
* Windows Shared: ASP and are enabled.
If you have signed up but did not order ASP, you can email with a request to get ASP enabled on your account. Please also include your username, the domain name on which ASP is to be enabled, and the last four digits of your credit card number, as well as authorization to charge your card.
The cost for ASP activation is $2.95 per domain or subdomain per month. Additionally, since ASP is tied to your domain (or subdomain) and not your account, your domain name must works before you will be able to use ASP.