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Summary: Loading achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 0 existing domains were deleted from Loading and 1 domains were transferred away from Loading. The graph also shows that 3 new domains were registered with Loading and 2 domains were transferred to Loading from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Loading has 50% positive user sentiment.

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Description : Dedicada a ofrecer servicios de hospedaje profesional, registro de dominios y servidores dedicados.

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    1 star rating

     By Reviewed 23/06/2014

    The features offered by the company are really great and awesome. They offer 99.9% of uptime, daily back up of data, 24 hrs customer and technical support, great level of safety and security via their certificates and many more. With these features, their services are also too good like in the context of servers, if I talk then their servers are great and I never faced the issue of downtime even once in the last 6 months since I have been using their hosting services.

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    Review from Stacy Stewart

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    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 31/05/2014

    What a service man...this company offers. After using their services I just feel relax because I can rely on this company for their great services. The services, web hosting features they offered are really awesome and as per the need of my website. With their great features and services they also offer very good level of customer as well as technical support. Once I had a technical issue with my site and I got very worried also because the issue was the major one and it has to be rectified as soon as possible otherwise it would affect my whole website and its content too. So, I called them at 8’o clock in the evening and after hearing the issue they told me that this will take some hrs. as the issue is very complicated but the issue will be rectified before next day morning, they wanted whole night to correct the issue and I said Ok but after listening my voice they assured me that issue will be definitely and completely corrected by them and I can sleep tonight without any worries and with complete peace of mind. So, I slept but yes with worries because I was not sure that the issue will be resolved or not and due to this I was having headache also. Anyway that bad night passed away and I open my eyes with hope and was also scared. The first work which I did on that day was to check my website to know whether that issue was resolved or not even I did not brush my teeth as I was in a great stress. So, I visited my website and a big smile comes on my face with lots of happiness in my eyes; the issue was totally resolved and my website was safe and secure. The next work of that day was to call them and one of their customer care rep picked my call I said thanks to everyone whoever were engaged in resolving my issue because they worked for the whole night and I cannot forget this case when I really required their assistance and as per their commitment they have done the same also they were always available for their clients 24 hrs a day. I am saying this as at the other timings also whenever I called them they were available and all the answers I received was from the person and not from any machine. Overall I like to give 4 out of 5 star to this company and highly recommend.

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    Review from Angel Silkwood

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    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 24/04/2014

    The kind of support I have received from the company is awesome. The customer care staff of the company is well qualified, highly trained, experienced and have huge knowledge of web hosting thus they are really very helpful whenever any kind of issue whether customer, technical or website related arises and I ask them my query. Their response time is very quick and their answers to all the queries are satisfactory i.e. up to the point. They are very patient with the customers. Even when I want their suggestion or their recommendation on something and I ask their staff, the give me good and appropriate suggestions which really make me feel happy and proud on my decision that I have chosen such a good web hosting provider who is having such an excellent staff.

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    Review from Robert Hitchcock

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    3 star rating

     By Reviewed 12/03/2014 is a great web hosting company; it offers several no. of options which customers want from their web hosting company in regards to host their websites. We all know that some particular features are always required to host the websites and those features are offered by this company and even some more features are offered in order to satisfy their clients very well. Everyone has a different need and accordingly websites are also different and to satisfy each and every customer they offer different features as per the different needs of their websites. So, they have lot of features that they can offer. Me and my several classmates has availed the services of this provider as we are having different kind of websites and only this provider fulfils the need for all of us.

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    Review from Staycie Newlin

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29.  @grumpycarrot @jonfaec thought so, tuesday is no good for me as i`m hosting tabletop night at loading every week = /--

30. has been experiencing loading problems. hosting company is looking into it. thx 4 your patience. & understanding.--