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Summary: LeaseWeb achieves 94.88% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 17 existing domains were deleted from LeaseWeb and 2 domains were transferred away from LeaseWeb. The graph also shows that 7 new domains were registered with LeaseWeb and 3 domains were transferred to LeaseWeb from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, LeaseWeb has 60% positive user sentiment.

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Jun 06,2014 By Admin
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EditorÔ??s choice awards
Year : 2014 ranked Leaseweb hosting company as the best company in private cloud hosting. Leaseweb hosting company won the EditorÔ??s choice awards, private cloud hosting for the month of June 2014. Some of the parameters used in the selection were: overall hosting performance, editor reviews, reliability of the web hosting, customer support and the hosting features offered.
Top ten web hosting
Year : 2014 ranked Leaseweb hosting company in the top ten web hosting providers in the industry. Leaseweb hosting was in position 10 for the best web hosting company award for the month of March 2014. The companies in this category were selected based on parameters such as: overall performance, reliability of hosting, new products and services, website popularity, customer support and the hosting features they offered.
Best dedicated server award
Year : 2013 ranked Leaseweb hosting company among the leading companies in the industry in offering dedicated server hosting services. Leaseweb hosting company was placed in position 6 for the best dedicated server award for the month of October 2013. The parameters used to rank the companies were: overall hosting performance, reliability of the web hosting, new products and services, website popularity, customer support and the hosting features offered.

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LeaseWeb Reviews  (5)

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    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 08/12/2014

    LeaseWeb hosting and Infrastructure Service provider has opened its new data center in Hong Kong, due to high demand of customers. The company has taken space in a Pacnet. By this service company is expanding its data center across Asia Pacific.

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    1 star rating

     By Reviewed 26/06/2014

    In my opinion, LeaseWeb is not at all a great web hosting company. The commitments they offered were not really fulfilled by them. At the time when I am discussing for the plan with their customer care rep they told me so many things, about so many features they offer to their clients, their various web hosting plans and their overall customer and tech support which they will offer for the time till I will connect with them and so many other commitments. But unfortunately they have not offered all the things which they mention that time, in all I just want to say that they do not fulfil their commitments and this is a sign of wrong or unethical business practises which shows that the person who is running the business is unprofessional and unethical as well as his or her company also. And I don?t think so that anyone is interested in doing business with those companies who follow unethical business practises or who are unprofessional as these web hosting companies are totally unacceptable. I do not suggest this company to anyone.

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  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 10/05/2014

    LeaseWeb is a highly competent web hosting provider. Its fastest growing infrastructure is right now having six data centres in the Germany, Netherlands and the United States connected with some of the big carriers of telecom. They are having their network peers in the various places such as Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels, Dallas, Palo, Warsaw and Zurich, Alto, Paris, Frankfurt, Chicago, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Amsterdam, Ashburn, Milan, Luxembourg, Vienna, Madrid, New York, Oslo, Prague, Stockholm with Internet exchanges. It also offers their clients some solutions for hosted infrastructure which includes CDN, Bare metal servers, Private cloud, Managed Hosting, Public cloud, Colocation and others.Everything the company offers is very good especially their worldwide network and their highly growing infrastructure and due to this the company also grows very well in terms of profitability and reliability as it increases the no. of clients as well as no. of visitors of the website and company both. In all, I suggest this provider to all because on my part I am completely satisfied with the hosting services, features, plan and overall support they offered to me.

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  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 23/04/2014

    I am very pleased with the services of LeaseWeb as it offers excellent products with high quality at reasonable prices, reliable customer and technical support containing very well qualified and highly trained and experienced customer care staff who possess great and huge knowledge and specialised in answering my queries and their other clients queries with the first class network and a good back up facility to take the back up of data of their clients on daily basis so that data can be kept safe in case if any issue occurs in the context of safety of data in future. In all, everything offered by the company is just too good. I am totally satisfied with the services they offered to their clients.

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  • review user image
    3 star rating

     By Reviewed 07/03/2014

    LeaseWeb is just an awesome hosting provider which offers hosted infrastructure solutions such as bare metal servers, Colocation, CDN, Managed hosting, private cloud, public cloud and many more. I am having my own business and running it independently and wants an optimal hybrid solution for my business. So, I am in the need of the web hosting company which may build the above solution to run my business. To fulfil this need, I search the required web hosting providers on the web and then I found LeaseWeb, I visit its website and came to know that this provider may help me to mix and match in order to develop the optimal hybrid solution for my business. With this, the company also offers a capacity of 4.0 Tbps and a network uptime of 99.9999 % and everything has a good back up by a first class network. On their website, I also read that the provider also supports mission critical websites, servers related to e-mail, applications of internet, web hosting, data storage and safety devices since the company has been established in the year 1997. It is also a member of the OCOM Group.The company also offers good and high quality of the products and that too at reasonable prices with the first class worldwide network and team of experts containing staff members or customer care rep which are mostly engineers and technical expertise and possess good level of knowledge and are highly skilled. I think they are very experienced also, this I am saying as the answers of my queries they provide are very accurate and as per the expectations. With this, if I had any problem, they revert me with the appropriate solution of the problem and that also in a very less span of time.Overall their customer as well as technical support, hosting services and web hosting features they offered to me are excellent and met my expectations.

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