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Hosting Question & Answer Ipage

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Question  : What is iPage Community Directory?--Tonny G Zasella

Answer : iPage Community Directory is a compilation of various (and NOT all) websites that are hosted by iPage. If you have a website hosted by iPage then you can get it listed on this directory by giving an annual charge.

Question  : What are the types of web hosting service provided by iPage?--Ibtehaj Ali

Answer : iPage offers shared web hosting solutions. It does not have any plans for VPS or dedicated hosting.

Question  : I want to set up an online store. What features of iPage can I count on?--Hetal Barbhaya

Answer : An online will require various e-commerce tools like shopping carts and credit card payments. iPage has a number of tools that will help you with the same. Some are free whereas others can be easily bought and installed in a click.

Question  : I want to keep a tab on my website traffic and what are the most visited pages of my website. Does iPage offer any feature for the same.--Coa Cede

Answer : Yes it does. With iPage as your web host you can always use the application of Google Analytics. This will help you with the website traffic monitoring and generating statistical data that you need.

Question  : Which control panel do we get if we have a web site with iPage?--Rodolfo Antonio

Answer : iPage has vDeck control panel for all its customers. It is an easy to use and popular control panel.

Question  : How does iPage help in case of need of a back-up of my website?--Maria Santos

Answer : If you have a website hosted with iPage then you can buy their automatic site backup service. Using this feature you can have a daily back-up generated for your website everyday.

Question  : In how many locations does iPage has its presence? How many data centres do they have?--Segre Carbonell

Answer : iPage has been providing hosting services since 1998 and as of today it has centres at 6 different locations in the world. They have two data centres located in Massachusetts, Boston area.

Question  : What is meant by green certifying your website with iPage?--Sayed Farhad

Answer : iPage is a green company which means that all the energy that this company uses is renewable energy (wind energy to be specific). If you host a website with iPage you can put a Green badge on it stating the same. This is green certifying your website.

Question  : I am a beginner and I want to come up with a very well designed and well planned website without spending much. Which web host will be suitable?--Shabreen Jameel

Answer : iPage would be an ideal option for you. As they have a single web hosting plan, they equip it with a huge load of free website building tools. You can easily manage your website and even develop customize webpages.

Question  : Where does iPage stand on the uptime front?--Mohammed Lokman

Answer : iPage ensures 99.9% uptime for all its hosted websites. Extremely fast servers and very well equipped data centres ensure that there is no interruption in the services that they provide.