Hosting Question & Answer Interserver

Hosting Question & Answer Interserver

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Question  : On what services Interserver offers refund?--Dascalu Ana

Answer : All Interserver shared hosting accounts are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason contact within 30 days of your order with your domain name and last 4 digits of your credit card number and request a refund.

Question  : How can I transfer my domain name to servers?--Lazar Viorela

Answer : You need to change your DNS servers associated with your IP address in order to move your domain name to servers. You are provided with the DNS servers and IPs to change in your welcome email sent by This must be changed with your domain name registrar.

Question  : How do I upgrade my (Interserver) server`s kernel?--Cherlea Denisa

Answer : To upgrade your serverís Kernel please contact, or fill out a new ticket over their secure server, with your server name, IP address and root password. InterServer offers free kernel upgrades on their dedicated servers. In order for an upgrade to be complete a server reboot must be done. If you do not wish to have your server rebooted by Interserver after the upgrade please mention that in the ticket.

If you are familiar with the process then only it is advisable to do your own kernel upgrades because If upgrade is done incorrectly your server can be rendered unbootable.

Interserver kernels are compiled with grsecurity. This added protection is available at no additional charge. A security project at sponsored by InterServer. Please do not forget to mention in a ticket if you wish to opt for grsecurity.

Question  : I want to move my files from old host Will InterServer help me?--Piticaa Paulaa

Answer : Of course! InterServer will help you move files from your old host. A limited form of shell access must be available on your old host including access to either rsync/scp or access to the CPanel control panel. For more information or if you require any help do not hesitate to contact Interserver support dept

Question  : Where is InterServer datacenter located?--Emmanuelle

Answer : Interserver datacenter is located in Secaucus, NJ, about 5 miles from New York City. InterServer is staffed 24/7 at this location. For more information about Interserver datacenter and network please see the link

Question  : What is Web Host Manager and how can I access it on my Interserver website?--Sanda Sandutza

Answer : You can easily administer your server without actually knowing the exact commands through Web Host Managers program as it is very simple to use. So even if you donít have knowledge of Linux, the Web Host Manager makes it easy for anyone to have their own dedicated server.
You can access Web host manager with the help of below mentioned commands:
http://address:2086/ (no ssl)
https://address:2087/ (with ssl)
Address can be any domain hosted on the server or IP address.

Question  : I am getting a 500 error. On my website hosted through Interserver, what is that?--Ionascu Miruna

Answer : In most of the cases 500 error on a script means there is a syntax error. To debug a script there are two tried and tested ways. First way is you can check your error log located in either the cPanel or Admin Center control panel. The second way is to log into your shell and move to the directory the script is in. When in the proper directory type ./filename.cgi - This may tell you where the error is. If you are not able to locate the problem and rectify it you may contact Interserver support dept and they will do their best to locate the problem.

Question  : Is a domain name included with a regular web hosting package?--Marya Luciana

Answer : offers free domain name with their Mini and Mega packages. This offer is good for customer main domain name (the domain name customer is signing up for). The domain name is free for as long as you are a client of InterServer. For more information about Interserver free domain name offer please contact support dept.

Question  : Do Interserver offer Windows hosting or programs such as ASP?--Fabio Fernandes

Answer : InterServer runs exclusively Linux on their shared hosting servers. At present and in near future they have no plans to offer Windows hosting.

Question  : How do I update my billing information at Cornea

Answer : Find below mentioned details to update billing information:-
* Billing information for Shared Hosting Customers can be updated through Click on website area on top and log in with your domain and password.

* Billing information for Dedicated Server Clients can be updated through
If you are having issues logging into to above mentioned interfaces.
Account information for any accounts can be updated through the below mentioned url:
Please note it can take up to 24 hours for the updates to be made to InterServer system after the above form is submitted. To update over the phone please call 201-643-0135 ext 103 and you should be ready with your domain name and last 4 digits of your credit card number.