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Infomaniak User Sentiment
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Infomaniak Score - 65

Summary: Infomaniak achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 5 existing domains were deleted from Infomaniak and 1 domains were transferred away from Infomaniak. The graph also shows that 17 new domains were registered with Infomaniak and 9 domains were transferred to Infomaniak from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Infomaniak has 80% positive user sentiment.

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Fabian Lucchi, Ave de la Praille 26
CH-1227 Carouge GE,
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Infomaniak Reviews  (5)

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    5 star rating

     By Julien Reviewed 19/09/2016

    Le support est meilleur chez infomaniak

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    Review from Julien

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    5 star rating

     By Jean-Marie Loriaud Reviewed 05/11/2015

    Je suis client chez infomaniak depuis plus de 5 ans.Je n?ai jamais été déçu. La qualité du support et vraiment exceptionnel et je tiens a le souligner. J?ai essayer différent hébergeur mais aucun support n?est comparable à infomaniak.

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    Review from Jean-Marie Loriaud

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    2 star rating

     By Thierry POIRRIER Reviewed 25/08/2015

    not enough memory for Magento
    pas assez de mémoire pour gérer Magento. 128M de mémoire allouée seulement. Piégeux car on s`en rend compte lors de l`éxécution de script de mise à jour. Pas bien!

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    Review from Thierry POIRRIER

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    5 star rating

     By T Hann Reviewed 18/02/2015

    I would recommend to anyone and everyone who has their own website.
    I recommend highest for their warm and welcoming service style that top-geared for customer service and complete satisfaction. With my limited web skills, their readily available assistance inspires my confidence and my trust.

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    Review from T Hann

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    4 star rating

     By Menors Reviewed 18/02/2015

    I have been with for about 4 months now and I will have to say that their Customer Service is absolutely amazing. If I ran into trouble, they are always ready to help. Even when I have had trouble in an area they do not typically give support in, if they can help, they will. And if they do not know, they will send me an email with instructions on where to find the help I need.

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    Review from Menors

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