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Summary: Hoststarch achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 2 existing domains were deleted from Hoststarch and 0 domains were transferred away from Hoststarch. The graph also shows that 3 new domains were registered with Hoststarch and 0 domains were transferred to Hoststarch from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Hoststarch has 100% positive user sentiment.

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Description : Hosting Review - Hoststarch reveals visitors sentiments, feedback and user experience with reviews, ratings and comparative charts.

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Admin Hostmaster, Bernstrasse 12
CH-3312 Fraubrunnen,
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Hosting Reviews  (2)

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    5 star rating

     By Nicole Reviewed 06/11/2014

    Hoststar is by far the best hosting that our web development company has used. Their customer service is excellent and best of all, there is rarely a need to contact them in the first place.

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    Review from Nicole

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    4 star rating

     By John Reviewed 06/11/2014

    Hoststar rocks because I get immediate help when I have a tech support call, I have never waited more than two minutes to get a technician. On top of that they are pretty fast at getting things resolved. Their sales staff is also fast and helped me when I wanted to upgrade an account

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    Review from John

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1.  hoststar hosting - webhosting und webspace zum sensationellen preis mit vielen vorteilen