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HostPapa Analysis for 02 September 2015

Summary: HostPapa achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 95 existing domains were deleted from HostPapa and 26 domains were transferred away from HostPapa. The graph also shows that 400 new domains were registered with HostPapa and 28 domains were transferred to HostPapa from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, HostPapa has 77.78% positive user sentiment.

HostPapa Overview

Hostpapa is a privately owned and established web hosting company and a leader in green hosting. It is counted among Top 10 Web Hosts of the world for their unbeatable hosting and customer services offered at low cost. It has won several no. of awards for offering their fully-featured hosting package around the clock with great uptime, high performance and reliability. It strives to offer extensive educational resources, tools for developing websites and uninterrupted service.

HostPapa: Reliability and Performance/ Uptime Report

Regarding Uptime Report, Hostpapa offers 99.9% service or network uptime guarantee to their customers. They are having high quality servers and state-of-the-art data centres which are continuously monitored and maintained by highly qualified and experienced technical staff so as to deliver uninterrupted service. It leads to high performance and increased reliability.

Solid money-back guarantee is also provided which makes the provider a reliable one.

HostPapa plans

Hostpapas Shared Hosting comes with three plans, one for the Starters and others for Business purpose. All of them offers Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth, Free Domain Registration, over 200 business apps, website builder, state of art data centres, Server Firewall, Monitoring & Intrusion Detection with Domains, Apps & Tools, cPanel, FTP & SFTP & many more.

VPS Plans are offered via two OS, Linux and Windows. All of their plans offered several featurs like Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel/WHM, Wholesale Domain Reseller, 2 IP Addresses, CentOS 6, WebsitePanel CP, Unlimited Hosting & FTP Accounts, Fully Managed VPS, Hyper V Technology, Dedicated Memory, Private Name Servers, Virtual DVD Drives, Programming and database features and E-Mail features. Windows offered Windows Server 2012 O/S.

Reseller Hosting provides you with 5 plans and all of them include a long list of features and some of them are cPanel, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, Free Billing Software, Free Domain Reseller Account, Private Nameservers, Multi-language Support, IP Addresses, WHM Control Panel etc.

HostPapa Price Value


HostPapa: Features and Control Panel

  1. 24 Hrs Customer Support via live Chat, Call or E-Mail
  2. Solid money-back guarantee
  3. 99.9% uptime guarantee
  4. Best web-based control panel for web hosting
  5. Website Builder
  6. 100% Service Guarantee
  7. FTP & SFTP
  8. Free domain registration
  9. Basic & Advanced Email and eShops
  10. Microsoft Office 365
  11. Google Apps
  12. Email Marketing
  13. SiteLock & SSL Certificates
  14. Mobile Website
  15. CloudFlare
  16. Website Reporting/Analytics
  17. SEO Friendly
  18. Over 300+ free open-source applications

HostPapa Support

Hostpapa provides outstanding customer support to their clients. To help you resolve all your site or hosting related issues, a comprehensive assistance and information centre containing a large no. of knowledgebase articles on various topics is available for you. With this, some rich and informative manuals are also there which you may download for your concern. You may easily reach or talk to their customer care through phone, mail, email, or live chat, Fax and this facility is available for 24 * 7 * 365.


  1. Support and Information Centre
  2. A leader in green hosting
  3. World-class Datacentres
  4. Fully featured hosting packages
  5. Develop, launch and maintain your website
  6. Quality servers and state-of-the-art data centre
  7. Automated Website Backup
  8. Top-level servers and technology
  9. Various guarantees


Everything is very good.

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

Solid money-back guarantee is offered to customers which states the Cancellation policy of the company. 30-day risk free money-back guarantee is offered but this is applicable to the Shared Web Hosting and Reseller Web Hosting services.


HostPapa is an established and an award winning web hosting service provider and emerged as a leader in green hosting. It offers fully featured hosting packages in the market, with excellent customer support around the clock, various resources for learning and increased reliability at the affordable price.

Contact Info

Description :

HostPapa`s goal is to provide every customer with a fully-featured hosting package, backed by top customer service and powered by renewable green energy. HostPapa is an established, privately owned company and a leader in high-value, low-cost hosting.

Over the years, HostPapa has built a solid reputation for our commitment to security, reliability, technical expertise and the best in customer support.
Although HostPapa has experienced considerable growth, one thing hasn`t changed: we have always believed in treating each HostPapa customer as part of the family. We aim to treat our family well, and strive to provide uninterrupted service, comprehensive educational resources, and all the tools needed to develop an exciting, accessible, quality website.

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HostPapa Reviews  (9)

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    5 star rating

     By Reviewed 17/06/2015

    Amazing plans, uptime and customer service!

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    Review from Jennifer Caughey

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     By Reviewed 17/06/2015

    Amazing plans, uptime and customer service!

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    Review from Jennifer Caughey

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 13/12/2014

    Great web hosting plans and options. Make sure you look around for coupons or other special offers - they post a lot of them.

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    Review from Roy Xavier Cazorla

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 14/04/2014

    Host Papa is a reliable web hosting provider as they offers Certified Green hosting and all set up for free i.e. without charging any cost and good thing is that they do not hide anything regarding this from their clients or customers. They are actually not charging anything. I can call this reliable hosting provider because it is not like other providers who told you in the beginning that their whole setup was free but after some time they charge you for the same which shows that the provider is unprofessional as well as not reliable or trustworthy. But this is not the case with Host Papa as they will not charge you anything in terms of set up fees...Every one likes the reliable web hosting provider and wanted to be connect with such providers, so I recommend you all if you are looking for a reliable and good web hosting company then go for Host Papa.

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    Review from Claudia

  • review user image
    1 star rating

     By Reviewed 06/04/2014

    I?ve been with Host Papa for more than 4 years and like to recommend this company to all those who are searching for a company who understand your needs and work according to the same.
    I had a very bad and irritating experience with another web hosting company and then I moved to Host papa and then I never looked back.
    Earlier I was paying for the backup services and one day my web site was hanged so I contacted the customer support of the company for their backup services in order to get the back up of my data. Their staff told me that they do not have the back up of my data due to some stupid reasons which they mention that time...But this does not happen with the Host Papa back up services, when I need them my data is ready with them in a proper manner.
    I was looking for a replacement web hosting company and Host Papa was just too good. The kind of support they offer is very fast and friendly. The good thing is that when they are unable to help you then they very clearly mention this thing in the first conversation only. They do not keep their clients on hold for long or neither gave them wrong answers. Their prices are also very good. The only thing for which I am not in favor of this web hosting company is video hosting, as I have to move it to other web site but this is understood as I paid the fewer prices for my web hosting. With this they worked with me all the time so as to keep my business run without any problem until I search and got a more appropriate solution.
    Host Papa just amazing...Keep up the good work...Highly recommended.

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    Review from Maik Schenkel

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 26/02/2014

    Unlimited unlimited unlimited!..Many of the features are unlimited...It?s good to listen and when I avail them or use them I just enjoy the features. Yes I am talking about Host Papa features which offer few unlimited web hosting features to host your web site such as unlimited data transfer, unlimited web hosting, unlimited domains. It?s great to get so many web hosting features without any limited quantity. It is not offer by every web hosting provider. So, what are you waiting for people...go and enjoy just unlimited...Host Papa rocks.

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    Review from Altin Omi

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 12/02/2014

    If you want domain for your life at free of cost, then try host Papa as this feature domain without any fees is offered by the Host papa. So, what are you waiting its package and get its domain for free of cost.

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    Review from Mike Benavides

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     By Reviewed 27/01/2014

    Host Papa is an excellent web host. It offers good features such as unlimited data transfer, unlimited web hosting, unlimited domains, certified green web hosting, free domain for life, free set up without any hidden fees and many more. I like their web hosting services especially their customer service, as their technical support is just fabulous. Whenever I face any technical issue in my web site, I just call their supporting staff or I reach them via online mode i.e. either through live chat or e-mail and told my problem and their talented and tech expertise staff resolve my problem in just few minutes at their own end and make me smile. Their features, services, support all rocks...

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    Review from Petra Neumeier

  • review user image
    1 star rating

     By Reviewed 14/01/2014

    Host Papa sucks...I do not like their web hosting services as they are not compatible with my web site but in the beginning they told me that their package which they suggest me was appropriate and suitable for my web site. But actually it is not. The features they promised to offer were really not given by them; I mean all the features, which upset me a lot. Their services especially their customer service is not at all good their staff do not respond on time the queries of their clients and do not resolve their problems also well in time. Sometimes, they gave wrong and stupid kind of answers. I really don?t know if they are even trained on web hosting by the company or not to answer the queries properly, as generally it is seen that every web hosting company organized a training program for their customer care dept staff so that they can handle their customers very well, answer them properly, resolve their problem instantly so as to fulfill their main goal of the organization i.e. Customer satisfaction. But this is not happen with Host Papa as my exp with their staff was very frustrated and bad...Try to avoid the hosting services of Host Papa.

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    Review from Monica Beluci

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2.  hostpapa - 10% off any web hosting plan. use at checkout. expires oct 31/ 2014. *includes vp... #deals #coupons--

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6.  website hosting from hostpapa now only $3.95/month. regular price $8.99/month. get over $500 in free extras!

7.  website hosting from hostpapa now only $3.95/month. regular price $8.99/month. get over $500 in free extras!

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