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Summary: HostBaby achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 1 existing domains were deleted from HostBaby and 0 domains were transferred away from HostBaby. The graph also shows that 10 new domains were registered with HostBaby and 0 domains were transferred to HostBaby from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, HostBaby has 100% positive user sentiment.

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Description : Hosting Review - HostBaby reveals visitors sentiments, feedback and user experience with reviews, ratings and comparative charts.

Address :
5925 NE 80 Ave
Portland, OR
PostalCode : 97218
Country :   US
Telephone No. :  +1 503 256 4450
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1.  it`s october madness at ghostbaby! save $61 on hosting for 13 months!

HostBaby Overview 

Hostbaby established in year 2000 provides authors and musicians with hosted content management solution. It is meant to help them get an eye-catching site online with least botheration and swiftly. HostBaby make use of a system related to WordPress. Users can add pages, organize content and create posts.

 HostBaby also provides user powerful yet uncomplicated design tools so that they can customize the feel and look of their site. The custom tools and apps are the major attraction. There is a photo gallery, press pages, calendar, audio player, contact forms, stores, custom bios, and more. Customers can make use of CDBaby to sell Amazon MP3, tracks iTunes and additional online music stores, and they furthermore can go through ListBaby, the HostBaby email newsletter management system. The arrangement is believed to be a one-stop shop for every musician to acquire a website collectively. 

HostBaby: Reliability and Performance

SiteGeek analysis shows 99.9% uptime last week for HostBaby. HostBaby has 100% positive user sentiment on SiteGeek, based on social media content and conversations. It’s a real time snapshot of customer’s perception of hosting company and ensures hosting company is meeting user needs and convey quality service. 

HostBaby Plans

HostBaby various themes are diverse and beautiful. There is abundance of option, and every one of them would appear specialized on a typical band or musician website. The editing tools are uncomplicated and permits necessary customizations in actual time. 

HostBaby Price 


HostBaby: Features and Control Panel

HostBaby is absolutely complete, feature-wise. Customer can add a photo gallery, an events calendar, audio files and more to their site. Everything has been built for musicians, so there is no modification to be done: customer can right away select the components they require and append the content. 

HostBaby Support

Customer can contact HostBaby support team through phone Hours of Operation: M-F: 8AM-5PM PST; SAT: 10AM-6PM PST and also through email. HostBaby also provides comprehensive Manual and tutorials for reference. 


Web-Hosting provides both fast and reliable web hosting at affordable prices and also offers comprehensive 60 day money back guarantee 


HostBaby should be more flexible in terms of features, as their theme customization choices are restricted 

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

HostBaby gives its customers permission of one free month of hosting. Cancellation of hosting ought to be completed through the cancel account form found by logging in to customers account at 


HostBaby was created to provide independent authors, artists and musicians the tools they require to develop their careers online. HostBaby is dedicated to sustainable and green business practices. That is why they follow standard recycling program as well as paperless billing. HostBaby also offset the carbon output of their servers through carbonfund website.