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Score - 6

Summary: EasyDNS achieves 99.74% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 9 existing domains were deleted from EasyDNS and 268 domains were transferred away from EasyDNS. The graph also shows that 35 new domains were registered with EasyDNS and 243 domains were transferred to EasyDNS from other web hosts.

Contact Info

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Address :
304A - 219 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON
PostalCode : M6K 3J1
Country :   Canada
Telephone No. :  +1 416 535 8672, Fax: +1 416 535 0237
Email :  hostmaster@easydns.com

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EasyDNS provides reliable DNS service for .net, .com, .org and internet domains to small, individual and large businesses. Company is very cost effective DNS provider in North America offering secondary and primary DNS both. Also provides management through web based user support and interface all record types. To ensure reliability, flexibility and security of email and website services, they use only excellent and powerful management tools.

They provide 24 x 7 phone support to their enterprise customers and email support after 6pm. Company have also had two recorded outages in the past.

Reliability and Uptime Performance

Quality of DNS infrastructure is its resilience, redundancy and network dispersion. Company offers fast and secure services, which mean DNS is reachable everywhere under more conditions. It is most reliable company to host websites. User can rely on easyDNS and web host always there to support their clients. Company runs IP Anycast DNS network and global name servers along with network locations depending on what membership level user may choose.

Company deliver 99.87% average uptime for the clients. If server goes down then company quickly check and resolve the issue. Webhost has excellent features and best services especially in customer support and uptime guarantee. Their team is always ready to assist clients in prompt way in order to satisfy their demands.

EasyDNS runs an IP Anycast DNS network, has global name servers and their network locations vary depending on what membership level you choose.


Each package of the webhost comes with unlimited features. Their `Domain Plus Plan` comes with total 3 nameserver, 20 max of each DNS type and around 250000 DNS queries. `DNS Hosting Plan` includes 15 total nameserver , 3 anycast clouds, 3 Mail boxes as well as dynamic DNS support. `DNS Pro Plan` gives 20 POPs,4 anycast Cloud, 10 Mailboxes and additional feature is 1 host monitoring and 10 Easy mailboxes.  Last but best option for the clients is `Enterprise Plan` comes with unlimited DNS record, 26 POPs, 4 cloud anycast clouds, 25 Easy Mailboxes and 3 host monitoring.

Additionally, these all packages have litany of features such as Domain registration, Email forwarding, Mail forwarding, Customizable, Catch all default mail map, URL forwarding, NSA free zone, Secondary DNS service.

EasyDNS Price Value


Features and Control Panel

Company specializes in maintaining, developing and hosting of DNS. Their experience and skills is difficult to find in the market. They provide multiple domains, parked domain, WHOIS management, catch-all emails and name server updates. Their customer care support assists users immediately and call service has complete call menu which is easy to call with dialing single digit. EasyDNS is feature rich company that further offer DNS GUI, control panel, allow third-party zone transfer, dynamic DNS updates, Secondary DNS, URL tools, domain registrar, login notification and lot of other great benefits.

Their control panel provides access which affects service and account from personal information to advanced DNS records and mail services.  There is great option and access on the navigation sidebar.


For 24 hours anytime technical support, company has introduced various support channels. Their live phone support available Monday to Friday and Weekends also.

Through Contact online, customer can get in touch with support team or email directly at support@easydns.com.                                                   


Prices are competitive with other registrars, therefore, prices in close range with its competitors.


One downside is not being able to find bulk registration options. 

Cancellation Policy

Company offers guaranteed satisfaction for yearly billed DNS services. In case of any dissatisfaction user can ask for refund any time. For yearly refund of the year and monthly service , they refund 3 months fees.


EasyDNS is domain name registration and management service takes all hassle out of administering domain name. Their user friendly registration process completed within a few minutes. Company provides affordable and cost effective hosting services for the customers. Their easy to understand web pages make controlling client`s domain a snap.