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Dohost is popular hosting provider from the past 4 years. They are offering premium hosting services at affordable rates. It is one of the cheap hosting providers for private blog network and offers excellent team support. It also provides daily backups. The company offers various hosting services including dedicated servers, domain names, VPS hosting and web hosting. Their web hosting service includes dedicated CPanel, USA reseller, shared hosting, SSD cPanel hosting, EU reseller hosting, Alpha reseller and master reseller. Apart from this, Dohost provides great hosting features such as unlimited email, FTP, various ways of payments, Cpanel, 30-day money back guarantee and more. 

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Hosting Reviews  (4)

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    1 star rating

     By Anonymous Reviewed 16/05/2018

    The worst hosting company by far. Worst customer support, ever. VERY RUDE owner! Their website was not updated since 2009, Bugs are on every page. Almost nothing works. Owner or developer can`t fix anything on this site. They simply ignore and close your support tickets if they can`t fix the problem. How can a company like this ever exist. DO NOT USE THIS HOSTER! NEVER! They are simple wasting your time...

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    Review from Anonymous

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    1 star rating

     By L Williams Reviewed 15/09/2017

    horrible connectivity performance on day one

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    Review from L Williams

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    1 star rating

     By Milutin Jaric Reviewed 05/09/2015

    As wordpress theme developer I`ve seeked for a reliable server for presentation of my themes. It started to be great but after a month of usage problems started with VPS. It broke every day by denying access at the traffic peek. It was strange since there was same traffic and double the power then shared hosting on some other hosting provider. Answer always was that the issue is with themes ( large graphic ) even though I`ve had 5 different hosting online and none of them had this issue ( themes are with graphic `heavy` as this review site ) .

    After that hosting was not accessible from half of the world ( based on customer complaints )

    After I`ve requested to stop using hosting, I`ve lost also domain which was still valid for 7 months and also account was deleted.

    So regardless of the support answers, this is still very bad hosting from my point of view.

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    Review from Milutin Jaric

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    5 star rating

     By Avram John Reviewed 01/07/2015

    I`m using DoHost for 5 years now and it`s the best hosting company I`ve ever used they have very friendly support stuff, that could help you to solve any issue in a few minuets. I`ve grew my business with them from a shared hosting to VPS and now a Dedicated server and I`ve moved all my domains to them as well. I highly recommended them to anyone needs a professional service with a very affordable price.

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    Review from Avram John

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Complaint  ::  wasted my time. the low end vps server would not stay connected to the internet (on day one).--L Williams

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