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DNS Made Easy User Sentiment
DNS Made Easy Hosted Sites Changes
DNS Made Easy Analysis for 26 May 2016

Summary: DNS Made Easy achieves 99.63% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 303 existing domains were deleted from DNS Made Easy and 963 domains were transferred away from DNS Made Easy. The graph also shows that 310 new domains were registered with DNS Made Easy and 3116 domains were transferred to DNS Made Easy from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, DNS Made Easy has 100% positive user sentiment.

Contact Info

Description :

Address :
12100 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite H290-9
Reston, VA
PostalCode : 20191
Country :   US
Telephone No. :  1 703 880 3095, Fax: 1 703 636 4198
Email :

DNS Made Easy Reviews  (6)

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    5 star rating

     By Edmon Reviewed 19/02/2015

    DNS Made Easy has released its advise and tips on how to keep web service in check. Company has stated that how managed DNS can address internet connectivity or default ISP. Company has conducted a research which contains companies are differentiating between free registrar DNS enterprise, low quality IP Anycast DNS, and enterprise DNS.

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    Review from Edmon

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    5 star rating

     By Homer T Reviewed 10/02/2015

    DNS Made Easy has created superior IP Anycast and network to solve the inefficiency of IP Anycast standard. Company provides this feature for both managed service and secondary service. It includes speed, redundancy, and scalability to company infrastructure.

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    Review from Homer T

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    5 star rating

     By Debbie Reviewed 30/01/2015

    DNS Made Easy is increasing its Global Traffic Director(GTD) service by adding the Oceania region to leverage services in Australia and New Zealand. Clients will now be able to have the GTD service for creating custom DNS configurations in this region. Users will have the control of incoming DNS traffic.

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    Review from Debbie

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    4 star rating

     By Nelson G Reviewed 22/01/2015

    DNS Made Easy has offered automatic DNS failover and monitoring services for businesses online. The company`s monitoring points check every 2-4 minutes to assure that business primary IP is responding or not. Company is continuously monitoring IP addresses for reporting failback is appropriate or not.

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    Review from Nelson G

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    4 star rating

     By Charles Reviewed 29/12/2014

    DNS Made Easy has upgraded its corporate advantage membership to include more services and additional support. The update is a custom- created service to meets the need of each organization. The company allows monitoring and maintenance of services which are controlled by web experts. The technical staff provides enhanced support and security features to customers.

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    Review from Charles

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    4 star rating

     By Jonah Reviewed 08/12/2014

    DNS Made Easy is offering IP Anycast, DNS networks and other services to the holiday customers. The company has governed the DNS for some of the largest brands on the Internet. The company has 18% growth in its GTD services and providing better and accurate services to the customers with online shopping easy navigation and the fastest load times.

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    Review from Jonah

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DNS Made Easy Overview

DNS Made Easy is a proud supplier of DNS services to more than 5 lac domains in the virtual world. It is the only IP Anycast provider that works with a diverse customer range. Their loyal customer bank includes individuals, corporate, non-profit and government sectors.

DNS Made Easy easily maintains low prices with such a large customer bank and the savings are passed on to customers too. The aim of the company is to avoid unnecessary expenditure and invest more on gaining over infrastructure. The response time of IP Anycast in United States and Europe is a fast sub 30 milliseconds. This and redundant network permit DNS Made Easy to be one of the most consistent, reliable and effective DNS service provider worldwide. The Company has presence with over 12 global points of network and provides: Managed DNS, Secondary DNS, Dynamic DNS, DNS Failover, Disaster Recovery / System Monitoring, Global Traffic Director, Mail Server Forwarding, Backup Email Services, IMAP / POP, REST API - Programmatic DNS updates and SMTP Outgoing Services. Huge corporate like Time Warner, AOL, Verio use DNS Made Easy.

DNS Made Easy Plans

DNS Made Easy provides three DNS-related services; Primary, Secondary and Failover. In Primary rests the company’s focus. Complete control is offered to change DNS records and the prices are less to nothing. Instant adding of domain or changing and even removing can be done.

Secondary DNS and failover management functionality is ideal for those who have info of what they are doing. Failover is an appropriate way to keep numerous sites running and in case of hardware or software glitches the other one takes over. This means downtime is never really downtime.

DNS Made Easy also provides an Anycast technology. It allows customers direct to nearest server.  DNS Made Easy Also offers mail, including: backup mail services, SMTP authentication, mail forwarding and P3/IMAP hosting options. 

DNS Made Easy Price Value


DNS Made Easy: Features and Control Panel

DNS Made Easy renders a fast, reliable, stable, scalable and most affordable DNS infrastructure world-wide.

  1. Global DNS Network: The Company handles over 5 billion DNS requests per day and is the largest and most reliable data providers in business.
  2. Managed and Controlled In-house: Total network management right from contract, rack, router, switch to name servers is done in-house and this ensures highest quality of service.
  3. IP Anycast+ Network: It is a multi-cloud setup designed by the company to provide scalability option, and enhance speed.
  4. World Renowed Facilities: global network includes: Telx, Equinix, Teremark, CoreSite, Telehouse, Internic, and Mega-I.
  5. Global Traffic Director: For IP routing to direct traffic flow on the basis of geographical location.
  6. All name servers have total IPv6 assistance. 

DNS Made Easy Support

There are various modes by which the company provides support: ticket system, phone support, FAQ’s and tutorials.

DNS Made Easy Uptime Report

For thirteen years DNS Made Easy has recorded 100% uptime. It boasts of 500% downtime credit if the client experiences downtime due to server not responding.


  1. 100% uptime is the main features.
  2. No actual downtime is downtime as traffic is streamed through proprietary Global Traffic Director.
  3. In-house management and control.

 Cancellation Policy

Cancellation process is an easy one. The client is required to delete the configured service and automatic renewal option is to e disabled. For permanent cancellation, the customer needs to mail to The Company offers a no refund policy.


DNS Made Easy is for any customer who is in search for a cost effective way to ensure uptime. It is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC. Industry’s first triple Anycast cloud architecture is used by DNS Made Easy. It has proved to be a world leader in providing IP Anycast DNS services worldwide. From 2002, its establishment, the Compny has grown and managed over thousands of loyal customers. It is the most preferred DNS hosting choice for its uptime.