Dts-net vs Site5

Dts-net vs Site5

Can't make the choice between two hosting companies? We've put together a detailed comparison based upon more than 10 key features.

Plan and Price

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Hosting Type
Hosting Starting From
Disk Space
$ 4.95 per month
$ 23.95 /mo
500 GB
50 GB

Performance and Reliability Comparison

Total Hosted Sites
100 %
99.34 %
Incoming Domain (16 Jun.)
New Domain  0      Transfer In  0
New Domain  27      Transfer In  55
Outgoing Domain (16 Jun.)
Deleted Domain  0      Transfer Out  0
Deleted Domain  6      Transfer Out  14
Global Rank (Alexa)
Reviews Rating
5 star rating   
3_half star rating   
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Uptime Comparison


It is understood, Dts-net offers 100% uptime and a little bit less 99.34% uptime is offered by the Site5. These shows, websites hosted by both companies are receiving great up time but the sites hosted by Dts-net are available and working for more time as compared to the sites hosted by Site5.

Domain in/out Comparison


The results of the analysis indicates that 0 existing domains are deleted from Dts-net and 0 domains are transfer- out and with Site5 6 existing domains are deleted and 14 domains are transfer-out. This shows that 6 more domains are deleted from Site5 as compared to Dts-net but in the context of transfer-out, 100% more domains are transfer-out from Site5.

The results of the analysis indicates that 0 new domains are registered with Dts-net and 0 domains are transfer- in and with Site5 27 new domains are registered and 55 domains are transfer-in. This shows that 27 more domains are registered with Site5 as compared to Dts-net but in the context of transfer-in, 100% more domains are transfer to Site5.

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User Sentiment Comparison

Dts-net User Sentiment
Site5 User Sentiment

The results of the data analysis show that Dts-net has 100% positive sentiments and Site5 has 60 % positive sentiments. From the above, it is concluded that Dts-net has a good reputation as compared to Site5 .

Service and Support

Support System
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