DreamHost vs GigaPros

DreamHost vs GigaPros

Can't make the choice between two hosting companies? We've put together a detailed comparison based upon more than 10 key features.

Plan and Price

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Hosting Type
Hosting Starting From
Disk Space
$ 8.95 /mo
$ 10 /mo
250 GB
20 GB

Performance and Reliability Comparison

Total Hosted Sites
100 %
100 %
Incoming Domain (16 Jun.)
New Domain  778      Transfer In  3990
New Domain  0      Transfer In  0
Outgoing Domain (16 Jun.)
Deleted Domain  230      Transfer Out  11580
Deleted Domain  0      Transfer Out  0
Global Rank (Alexa)
Reviews Rating
3_half star rating   
4_half star rating   
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Uptime Comparison


It is understood, DreamHost offers 100% uptime and equal 100% uptime is offered by the GigaPros. These shows, websites hosted by both companies are receiving great up time but the sites hosted by DreamHost are available and working for equal time as compared to the sites hosted by GigaPros.

Domain in/out Comparison


The results of the analysis indicates that 230 existing domains are deleted from DreamHost and 11580 domains are transfer- out and with GigaPros 0 existing domains are deleted and 0 domains are transfer-out. This shows that 230 more domains are deleted from DreamHost as compared to GigaPros but in the context of transfer-out, 100% more domains are transfer-out from DreamHost.

The results of the analysis indicates that 778 new domains are registered with DreamHost and 3990 domains are transfer- in and with GigaPros 0 new domains are registered and 0 domains are transfer-in. This shows that 778 more domains are registered with DreamHost as compared to GigaPros but in the context of transfer-in, 100% more domains are transfer to DreamHost.

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User Sentiment Comparison

DreamHost User Sentiment
GigaPros User Sentiment

The results of the data analysis show that DreamHost has 57.89% positive sentiments and GigaPros has 100 % positive sentiments. From the above, it is concluded that GigaPros has a good reputation as compared to DreamHost.

Service and Support

Support System
contactcontrol paneldreamhost newsletter ? february 2014technical support 

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