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Joomla Hosting vs Shared Hosting

What is Joomla Hosting?

Joomla! is a no-cost open source content management system that is aimed to support customer in building a website and other online applications. The word “Joomla” means together or as a group in Swahili. It eliminates the need of technical know-how feature for setting and operating a website. Its foundation is Mambo which was created by the same team. Joomla! was developed to advance and guard some ineffectual open source values. Its 1.0 version is derivative of Mambo and includes added security and bug fixes.

After being the most often used software package to set up, organize, manage and publish website, blog, intranet and mobile app content, Joomla! restricts user file access thereby providing security.

Joomla!Hosting Overview

Joomla! CMS is a preferred choice for websites of all sorts: companies, media, personal blogs, government functions and small trading sites and those with secured logins requisites. With multilingual feature, different language support is offered. The user can easily use interface to insert/edit pages. Its scalability function enables building web applications. There is also provision for creating web polls, search and web link analysis and management.

Security Tools 

 Jooforce tool enables security researchers to attack the open-source Joomla content management system.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is one of the most familiar and accepted type of web hosting service. It is a cheaper alternative for dedicated hosting and does not involve Linux administration skills. It is advantageous for websites that are smaller in size, have a small amount of traffic and have low security concerns.

In shared hosting, one physical server and the allocated resources hosted on that server are shared between many users. Each user has own limit on particular services like disk space, traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases etc. It is the most economical way of hosting a website simply because expenditures per machine are covered by more users. Due to the complimentary proportions these savings filter down to the customer.

Shared Hosting Overview

It is generally provided by Web hosting service providers, which generally have numerous Web servers on-site. Upon signup, the provider sources each website’s logical partition/space on the web server, which takes in data for that website only. Further websites are also present on the same Web server, paralleling storage sharing, network, computing power and other resources.


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Joomla Hosting plan start from

The startup plan starts at about $3.95 and a comprehensive one comes at a price of $14.95. The variation depends on web space, number of websites and suitability of traffic accordingly.


Shared Hosting plan start from

Shared hosting plans range from $3.96 per month to $ 10.36 per month with varied features to choose from: one/unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, private/shared SSL certificate and cPanel.

Joomla Hosting - PROS

  1. Joomla! Is easy to install relatively easy to install and takes about 10 minutes for functioning. Simpler than Drupal, though not as easy as WordPress or Quick.Cms.

  2. There are thousands of plugins available at no extra cost and are easy to operate.

  3. Backing by detailed tutorials and guidelines make it easy for users.

  4. With a complete navigation system, it allows easy management of sites notwithstanding the number of subpages it contains.

  5. It is beneficial for SEO arrangement as it generates friendly scripts that are easy to update.

  6. The system comes with a variety of appealing themes and templates with altering option.

  7. Source codes are available for free and the user can reuse as per the need.

Shared Hosting - PROS

  1. The greatest advantage of shared hosting is its affordability. Shared hosting costs very less.

  2. Shared hosts typically have one hit installs for numerous popular platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

  3. Many websites can be added to the same hosting package and hosting of all sites is possible under the same account.

  4. Manageable price is also a significant factor for most of the buyers.

  5. The user is not required to perform technical maintenance on the server when running programs.

  6. It takes off the load from the user regarding server maintenance; therefore it is the preferred choice for smaller web sites.

  7. The user needs not have any knowledge with Linux to maintain this server.

  8. It is user friendly wherein cPanel provides with easy maintenance of website.

Joomla Hosting - CONS

  1. Some of the plugins available work with particular scripts only.

  2. Joomla! makes websites heavy to load and function.

  3. The user may have some functional issues with PHP code due to plugin compatibility.

  4. Adjustment options are limited.

  5. For beginners with simple site requirements, it is not advisable to start with Joomla!

  6. It is free to use but cannot be hosted for free like WordPress.

Shared Hosting - CONS

  1. There are certain restrictions and user faces with limited resources since server is shared with other users on one physical machine.

  2. One more disadvantage is the inability to install modules and programs on the server that are needed to run one’s own web site and scripts.

  3. Speed is a significant as it affects user experience and SEO. Shared hosting is the most time-consuming of all hosting types.

  4. Some hosts are more reliable than others, but with shared hosting where one generally have thousands of accounts on one server increases the chances of server issues. Shared hosting is the least dependable of all hosting types.

  5. The shared server is maintained by the companies’ administrators to satisfy the average clients’ needs. This constraint may cause troubles if a user needs a module for scripts that are not installed.

  6. Best customer support cannot be expected with shared hosting when compared with dedicated hosting.

Top 5 Joomla Hosting Providers

Price Starting from : $4 month

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 177


Very Good: 75 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 12 %

Price Starting from : $3.95 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 1261


Very Good: 78 %
Average: 9 %
Good: 13 %

Price Starting from : $2.95 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 0


Very Good: 83 %
Average: 17 %
Good: 0 %

Price Starting from : $3.95 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 188606


Very Good: 62 %
Average: 17 %
Good: 21 %

Price Starting from : $5.99 /mo

Uptime for last week : 99.93 %

Total Hosted Sites : 278241


Very Good: 83 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 5 %

Top 5 Shared Hosting Providers

1st Ipage 3_half star rating   

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Price Starting from : $1.99 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 382595


Very Good: 73 %
Average: 21 %
Good: 6 %

1st 1and1 3_half star rating   

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Price Starting from : $0.99 /mo

Uptime for last week : 99.97 %

Total Hosted Sites : 3616733


Very Good: 62 %
Average: 13 %
Good: 24 %

1st Bluehost 3_half star rating   

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Price Starting from : $3.49 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 1882011


Very Good: 72 %
Average: 20 %
Good: 8 %

Price Starting from : $4.89 /mo

Uptime for last week : 99.93 %

Total Hosted Sites : 278241


Very Good: 83 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 5 %

Price Starting from : $105.00 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 2727522


Very Good: 60 %
Average: 23 %
Good: 17 %

Joomla Hosting - Supported Features

It is not wrong to admit that Joomla! has captured the content management system market share with more than 9 percent and around 3 percent of web functions on it with powering innumerable small businesses, governments and organizations like Harvard University, McDonald’s, Sony, eBay, to name a few. Powerful and still easy to use feature is one of its best attributes. For users not convinced with features of Drupal and WordPress, Joomla! is an ideal selection. With free scripts, numerous plugins (7,000+) and templates and regular technical assistance, it is no doubt the undisputed choice for content loaded websites. For advanced users, its features may seem to be inadequate but it is far comprehensive than WordPress. Joomla! is excellent for e-commerce and social networking sites and require intensive knowledge of technical coding.


Shared Hosting- Supported Features

  1. Shared hosting should only be used for personal and non company websites. The preferred hosting company should not be over priced or overcrowded.

  2. It is shared sever, but email address at one’s own domain as well as multiple emails can be obtained. Also more than one database with MySQL and PHP support is placed.

  3. It proves to be economical for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence.