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Green Web Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

What is Green Web Hosting?

It is a naked truth that the applications we are using and hosting websites, is not done without harming the world. With servers working round-the-clock, they consume a lot of energy in the process. Datacenters perform the task of keeping up the websites with the use of carbon emitting generators. Keeping into consideration the scale of operations that datacenters perform, the amount of energy spent can be anywhere equivalent to that utilized by 5 million houses in US only. The operation cost of hosting is over 7 billion worldwide. Bearing in mind the state of pollution levels, green web hosting is the way to go. Green hosting will not lower business costs but also save the environment as well.

Green web hosts provide energy saving plans and provisions to generate energy from renewable sources. They advocate the use of machines that consume less energy and reduce usage wherever feasible. Recycling and use of solar and wind power are in vogue and ideal for green server hosting. Computers and its components have a lot of toxic material and green web hosts take into consideration of disposing of it in secure method.

Eco-Friendly Server Hosting Overview

Green hosting is distinctive and concentration is on reducing or remove carbon footprint of host.  This is done by two ways: a) Using energy-efficient servers to reduce energy consumption by at least 20% or more by effective power use, efficient lightning and climate control. b)  Involving in projects designed to reduce carbon footprint by use of solar panels, wind generators and methods to power servers. They use “energy-star” endorsed servers and other efficient hardware to cut down power utilization. REC- renewable energy certificates are purchased to compensate normal energy use.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting comes in handy at times when the host is starting with insufficient capital to afford their own server and commit server maintenance to grow virtually. It allows launching hosting business without direct investment in infrastructure. It is the provision of Web hosting services to companies that in turn act as Web hosts, supplying Web site design and management services along with acting as host for the site and serving its pages to users. Providers may also use cloud computing as a substitute to traditional datacenter services. Each reseller host may be provided with a complete labeled control panel to manage their let out space and their specific customers.

Reseller host is always dependent on the primary host for additional Web space and resolution of technical issues.

Reseller Hosting Overview

As sever is run by the reselling company, all server issues are concerned with reseller’s customer: the Web host. A reseller account involves ample amount of space and bandwidth. Host is generally free to claim the server even though they rarely have full access to it. For example, a host may request a particular host to help install a module to run a script.


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Green Web Hosting plan start from

A green server hosting plan costs $2.25 -$ 11.96 per month. Green server hosting does not cost more than a non-green one.

Reseller Hosting plan start from

Prices are generally more expensive at the reseller host than at the shared host. It starts from $19 monthly.

Green Web Hosting - PROS

  1. By using renewable resources of energy there is no shortage for supply, scarcity and it is inexpensive.

  2. Greenhouse and toxic gas emissions that are the root cause of global warming and climatic changes are drastically reduced.

  3. Set up of wind turbines and solar panels call for less space consumption and can be used for multi-purpose projects like agriculture. They can also be customized according to needs and set-up.

  4. Electricity generated can be supplied to individual homes in case of power cuts owing to natural disasters.

  5. It builds client loyalty by going green.

Reseller Hosting - PROS

  1. Reduced cost for web hosting is available for resellers.

  2. Purchasing bandwidth, storage space and processing power when hosting multiple clients becomes a lot cheaper.

  3. Unlimited domain hosting is available with reseller plans.

  4. Like most hosting, it comes with cPanel which is easy to use.

  5. Reseller web hosting is a lucrative means of which to make a living. It is a relatively low risk venture with limited startup cost.

  6. For end users, reseller hosting is good if you are an experienced webmaster.

  7. The package includes absolutely managed, scalability with little cost, billing software, auto installers, domain reselling and requires little to no maintenance by the final client.

Green Web Hosting - CONS

  1. Initial set-up cost is high and not all hosting would be able to afford.

  2. Natural resources, though in abundance, may not be available in all locations equally.

  3. Any hosting provider can view the green badge on their sites with ease and there are not many ways to find out the genuineness of it.

  4. Green hosting is a comparatively new trend and need to have a close watch on it.

Reseller Hosting - CONS

  1. It is a 24-hour a day business.

  2. The resellers might not be able to provide reliable technical support and beginners may have issues with this.

  3. With too much info in cPanel, it becomes hard to go through as not all are used.

  4. It usually needs long-term contract to secure lowest possible prices.

  5. If a client requires resources outside the contract, additional fees make this hosting not to be lucrative.

  6. Certain marketing claims like unlimited bandwidth include ‘fair-use limit’ and providers are likely to limit other features.

Top 5 Green Web Hosting Providers

Price Starting from : $4 month

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 177


Very Good: 75 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 12 %

1st Site5 3_half star rating   

Visit Site

Price Starting from : $4.95 /mo

Uptime for last week : 99.34 %

Total Hosted Sites : 104469


Very Good: 71 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 18 %

Price Starting from : $3.96 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 1261


Very Good: 78 %
Average: 9 %
Good: 13 %

1st Ipage 3_half star rating   

Visit Site

Price Starting from : $1.99 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 382595


Very Good: 73 %
Average: 21 %
Good: 6 %

Price Starting from : $3 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 812


Very Good: 43 %
Average: 43 %
Good: 14 %

Top 5 Reseller Hosting Providers

Price Starting from : $13.99 /mo

Uptime for last week : 99.93 %

Total Hosted Sites : 556482


Very Good: 83 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 5 %

Price Starting from : $150.00 /mo

Uptime for last week : 99.91 %

Total Hosted Sites : 69101


Very Good: 83 %
Average: 8 %
Good: 8 %

Price Starting from : $13.19 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 65862


Very Good: 95 %
Average: 3 %
Good: 2 %

Price Starting from : $19.95 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 24198


Very Good: 88 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 0 %

Price Starting from : $19.95 /mo

Uptime for last week : 100.00 %

Total Hosted Sites : 1261


Very Good: 78 %
Average: 9 %
Good: 13 %

Green Web Hosting - Supported Features

  1. Hosting providers like HostGator, iPage, GreenGeeks are some of the top recommended ones for green server hosting. Consumers should educate themselves and make sure if the provider is really green.

  2. For a clear picture, REC’s should be cross checked.

Reseller Hosting- Supported Features

With a reasonable monthly cost without issues of server management and its maintenance, this is an effective way to mark into hosting business. A decent start for small and new web hosts, it allows them to provide hosting and at time when they surpass reseller hosting, they can easily move on to their semi-dedicated hosting or dedicated server. At times the price difference between regular web hosting and reseller hosting may not be considerable. These plans are moderately low priced for the cheapest option, and subscription cost is usually gained back with just a couple of clients.