Why Chatwoo?

Easy Installation

Register you website and get your widget code simply in 2 steps. You just need to paste widget code on site header. It's that simple!.

Unlimited Chat

When different people work on helping your customers, coordination is the key to success. Help your team(s) to keep a clear overview and effectively work together to make customers happier than ever (whether that is for one website or different brands).

Serve chats from Mobile

ChatWoo gives freedom to Support Agent to access support room via mobile devices so they can serve chats on-the-go.

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Advanced Customization

Advanced chat customization that allows you to modify most of the details of your chat window.

Reporting and Analytics

Data collected from visitors and agent chats is made available through easy-to-read statistics and graphs. It includes number of chats, customer satisfaction level, average response and chat duration.

File Sharing

Visitor and Serving Agent can share files and screenshots effortlessly. Receiving faulty screenshots enables the agent to ascertain actual issues faced by the user. All types of file sharing are allowed except .exe and size is limited up to 3MB.

Departmental Chat

ChatWoo permits inter-department chat. Various departments like technical, sales, production etc. receive their respective chats thus, saving chat load on all departments collectively.

Transfer Chat

Agents can easily transfer chats within themselves. In case a query is not resolved by one agent, he can transfer it to higher authority.

Ban Spammers

Serving Agent can ban or unban an inappropriately behaving user by using one?s own discretion. This can be done by using IP address.

Widget Position

ChatWoo gives its Webmasters freedom to adjust widget position in accordance with preference and convenience.

Visitors Trackability

Webmaster can check number of online visitors on his website at a time.

Offline messages delivery on Email

For offline agents, ChatWoo delivers chat messages on pre-administered email address.

Multiple Visitors chat

An agent can chat with multiple visitors available in chat room. By default, one chat can assign five visitors. If webmaster wants to change this number limit served by agent, he can contact at: chatsupport@chatwoo.com.

Jumpstart Onsite Engagement

Visitors provide their names and Chatwoo allows them to engage with you and other visitors who are currently online.

Boost Visitor Interactions

Type a message into the Chatwoo-box and it?s immediately visible in the community message area where other users can respond.

Increase Conversions

When visitors view and talk about products, services, or causes through live chat, on-site conversions increase.

Collect Feedback

When customers are talking, they?re giving you valuable feedback that you can use to improve your products and services. Chatwoo enables you to listen to and participate in important conversations.

Build Your Community

Chatwoo gives every visitor to your website an easy way to think about and resolve problems, join meaningful conversations, collaborate, take action, and build relationships with you and each other.

Works on Any Platform

Runs on Every Browser


* Requires Internet Explorer version 9 or above

Better Engagement

Visitors on websites can interact instantly and easily with support executive for any queries.

Interactive Design

Chatwoo offers all the tools required for increasing visitor activity on website with interacting with visitors, or by making visitor active by providing him means to communicate.

It is 100% Free!

All the basic functionalities are available free of cost. Signup in two easy steps and begin using the products.

Higher Conversions

Chatwoo provides website analytics to monitor website traffic. Including which of your website pages are highly visited and from which website the visitor reached to your website.

Powerful Chat Engine

Chatwoo offers products with wide range of functionalities included within one single package.