FAQ : Live Help

How to check number of visitors, chat requests and served chats?

By signing in with User name and Password provided by ChatWoo, Admin views Dashboard panel which includes Statistics and Dashboard tabs.

How to update registered domain email id?

User is required to select Settings Panel and view Profile tab to update registered domain email id.

How to change Admin password?

Select Settings Tab and view Profile page. User can change Admin password by providing current password and entering new one.

How can I view my Company logo on Chat Window?

Select Settings Tab and view Profile page to change Company logo.

How can I block the IPs?

Select Settings Tab and view Settings page to add/remove any unwanted IPs.

Can I update Message Notification Alert Settings?

By viewing Audio Settings in Settings page, a user can change and update

How Can I change Chat Window Position?

Select Settings Tab and view Settings page, here a option is given to change Chat Window Position e.g. Bottom Left, Middle Right, Middle Left

How to change the ChatWoo services?

Select Settings Tab and view Settings page, here an option is given to Change Current Feature e.g. Live Chat to Live Help or Live Help to Live Chat. Logout after changing the service and login again. You will find your backend has changed.

Can I receive offline message on email Id?

Yes, Select Settings Tab and view Settings page, here an option is given to Set email id for offline messages.

How to add an Agent?

Select Manage Agent Tab and fill the Agent details i.e. User Name, Email, Password and Department if available.

How to add departments?

Select Department Tab and fill the Department details i.e. Department Name, Email.

How to receive department wise offline message on email?

In order to receive Offline Message on a particular Department email id, user need to enter department Email Id while add the Department on Department Tab.

How to customize color of Chat Window?

Select Customize Theme Tab and view Appearance page, here a sub tab Customize Appearance is given to change the color of Chat Window

How to customize text of Chat Window?

Select Customize Theme Tab and view Language Localization page, here chat window screens are given in sub tabs to Customize the text.

How does ChatWoo differ from other live help and live support system?

Easy to subscribe, quick installation and free of cost. There is no cap for usage of live help support system.

What technology does Chatwoo live support use?

Reverse Ajax-based, java-based advanced technology is used. Ajax based applications are set of technologies that allow web programmers to create interactive web interface on web pages. AJAX allows the browsers to request data from the web server. AJAX is responsible for improving single user responsiveness.

How can i get support if there is any problem in chat system.

If there is any issue, you can get support by sending mail to chatsupport@chatwoo.com, any and every issue will be addressed on priority bases.

Is there customer support representative along with the live help?

Yes, Webmaster will be able to add five accounts to login as a customer support executive (CSR). For more than five agents login you can contact us.

Can ChatWoo system download and install on personal server?

There is no need to download any .exe file, users can directly use a script/code which can be easily embedded in the user's website.

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

Click on “forget your password”. Window will appear just fill the detail “Domain Name”, “Email-Id” and then click on submit button. We will send a re-password link to your email id. Just click on this link and get new password.

Does ChatWoo provide language system to convert into my language?

It supports all languages text but does not convert to other language. Visitors can type messages in any language on chatroom, end user will get the text in same language.

Is there any limitation in the Trial account or Live Demo?

There is no limitation. You can get the code at free of cost.

How many website can be supported by Chatwoo system code?

Unlimited, you can embed chatwoo code for your all website. There is no limit.

To integrate ChatWoo live help system is there any expertization required or technology know-how is sufficient?

Absolutely not, there are no advanced technical skills are required to work with ChatWoo live help. If you need assistance, you can contact at chatsupport@chatwoo.com.

Only live visitor are able to chat or it will work like a chatroom?

Only live visitor will be able to chat. As live support is:- one to one. End user to front end support executive.

Will it support on a websites built on prestashop, wordpress, Joomla or any other CMSs.

Yes. ChatWoo Live Help system is designed to integrate with all popular CMS.

How can my agent start chatting with my visitors?

Visit URL: Login

Login as an Agent

Now Agent can see the available visitors under support room tab and can start chat by clicking on ‘Start Chat’ button.

Is chatwoo compatible for all OS/ browsers?

Yes ChatWoo is compatible with all web browsers.