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Getting Started

Get a quick glance at what all features are avaliable in your domain admin, and jump to any specific feature easily.



This tab represent the count of visitors, which are visited your website, login in support room for support and served visitors by agent, with graph. By default last one month visitors details show up in graph. You can choose date range as per choice to check visitors count. Graphs can easily download in different formats (.png, .jpeg, .pdf).


Dashboard displays the summary of activities happening on your domain. Dashboard has three sections. First, it show the overall served visitor ration and the average of time spend by per visitor in chat room.


View all the visitors who are online right now, and start chatting with any of them any time.



Profile tab display the Full name of webmaster, his email id, current plan, and expiry date. Domain admin can change the password from this tab.


This tab provide an facility to Block IP and set chat Window State either open or close. Domain Admin if wish to blog an IP from where unwanted chat request comes, can block that IP. There are two stats of chat window 1. Open 2. Close. In open state, visitor would able to see the area where name and email id is entered to start chat. In Close state, visitor needs to click on chat window then he would be able to see the area where visitor name and email id is entered.

->Widget Code

If your widget code gets deleted or lost due to any reason, find it easily here again.

->Current Features List

View all the features that are avaliable in your current plan anytime easily.

Manage Websites

You can put ChatWoo on more than one website, and monitor them from one admin account. No need to create multiple accounts for that.

Manage Agents

An order to chat with your website visitors, first agent must be added. To add an agent, agent name, agent email id and password need to enter and click on create button. Agent access rights are limited. He would basically chat with visitors. Added agent list would be given below on this tab. Domain admin can delete the added agent. Once the agent deleted, he would not be able to login.


Create and manage various departments that can be assigned to an agent, who will then specifically handle all the queries for that department.

Customize Theme


Appearance tab provide a facility to modify chat window appearance. Domain admin can choose text colors and background colors as per choice. Some themes created by ChatWoo team. Domain admin can choose any one of them of can create own them. The created theme preview also display at the creation time to check how your theme looks like.

->Customize Theme

Customize Theme tab provide a facility to modify messages content and labels text appear on chat window to guide visitors. Domain admin can change the text in his regional languages as well.

Upgrade Plan

->Upgrade Plan

Easily upgrade to any other avaliable plan that suits your needs and requirements.

->Payment History

View all of your payment history anytime, and check the payment history of any payment you had paid to the Chatwoo team.

Agents Report

View a report of all your agents, and see how many visitors is each agent serving, and how good an agent is being rated by visitors.

Chat History

->Chat History

View the history of all conversations that have happened between your agents and visitors between any given time period.

->Search Conversation

Search any conversation by user name, user email, agent name, agent email, or the conversation.

Visitor Counts

This tab shows the visitors count which visited your website. Domain admin needs to select the date range first to check the visitor count.

Offline Messages

when agent is not available or not online to serve visitors then visitor also cannot send support request but in that case visitor can send his message to the webmaster. On chat window, there would not be option for visitor to login in chat room, instead of that, there would option to send offline messages. All messages will be available under this tab. Offline Messages tab have to sections. One for all messages so webmaster can check past messages and second for unread messages. Once the messages read by domain admin they all move to all messages list.


If domain admin has any suggestion or notify any issue can easily send feedback from here to ChatWoo team.