Commenting System

A must have widget for every website.

Commenting System

Commenting system allows communication platform for generating reviews and instant feedbacks which helps in Engaging visitors on your website for longer time. Comment system also gives your website real traffic on real content that is posted by your website visitors.

Why Chatwoo?

Easy integration

The comment integration and setup process takes under 5 minutes! Just register your website and get your verification code.

Live Help for Multiple Websites

You can put comment system on more than one website, and monitor them from one admin account. No need to create multiple accounts for that.

SSL Security

We provide a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) grade security to insure all your chat history is kept away from suspicious threats.

Image attachment

Make your comments more interactive with Image attachment feature. Images make website more user readable than text sites.


Make easily a customizable theme that suits your website. Or choose among the already created themes to give fine-tune the look of your Chat Window.

Language Localization

If chat window look native to its website would better for your business. Build own fully localize chat window in language your web visitors would like to communicate.

Loved by website owners

"This comment system is really great in features. Love the analytics in the admin panel. "

Sitegeek Co-Founder