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Live Chat

Live Chat system increases interactions among visitors currently on your website and helps to convert inactive visitors into active ones. Chatwoo Live Chat focuses on the activism involving visitors viewing products, services or causes. Help Center

Visitors chatting

Live Help

Live Help engages and solves query of the customers / visitors on your website. Chatwoo Live Help is significant chat Software with complete control, Perfect Integration and no compromise. It compliments customer's (Data) Privacy. Help Center

Live Help

Comment System

Commenting system allows communication platform for generating reviews and instant feedbacks which helps in Engaging visitors on your website for longer time. Comment system also gives your website real traffic on real content. Help Center

Comment System

Why Chatwoo?

Easy integration

The Chatwoo integration and setup process takes under 5 minutes! Just register your website and get your verification code.

Live Help for Multiple Websites

You can put ChatWoo on more than one website, and monitor them from one admin account. No need to create multiple accounts for that.

SSL Security

We provide SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) grade security to ensure all your chat history is kept away from suspicious threats.

Departmental Chat

ChatWoo permits inter-department chat. Various departments like technical, sales, production etc. receive their respective chats thus, saving chat load on all departments collectively.

File Sharing

Visitor and Serving Agent can share files and screenshots effortlessly. Receiving faulty screenshots enables the agent to ascertain actual issues faced by the user. All types of file sharing are allowed except .exe and size is limited up to 3MB.

Transfer Chat

Agents can easily transfer chats within themselves. In case a query is not resolved by one agent, he can transfer it to higher authority.

Targeted Chat

Targeted Chat helps proactively initiate a chat with online visitors. Agent can choose a visitor and invite for a chat. On the other hand, without filling any details or information visitor can chat with Agent.


Make easily a customizable theme that suits your website. Or choose among the already created themes to give fine-tune the look of your Chat Window.

Language Localization

If chat window look native to its website would better for your business. Build own fully localize chat window in language your web visitors would like to communicate.

Loved by website owners

"Our users love the chat tool. Chatwoo boosts conversions and bounce rate for my website by 23%"

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