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Best Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Video hosting services allows a person to upload a video to servers, and it is kept indefinitely or for specific period of time. This service has grown popularity due to increased use of mobile phones that can capture videos and automatically upload it to websites. It also used for video blogging, with blogger uploading the video host and linking to it rather than uploading. Due to this, blogger uses less bandwidth with web hosting company. Once a user has taken a video, he can upload it to a website by locating the file on the computer and providing the path to the website. Uploading process depending upon the quality of the video, size, and internet connection. This process often simplified when using a smartphone, generally with the phone being pre-programmed to upload to certain website. User is normally given a link to the video to share with family and friends once uploading is complete. This link can be emailed or instant messaged to contacts in the user`s address. If lot of videos are uploaded or files are large in size, video hosting without a hosting company which is supported by adds can be costly.

Core features of Video Hosting

All the features user may need for video strategy success.Here are some of the direct features of using for video hosting.

  • Control and track video access
  • Multiple ways to monitor activity
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Streams are encrypted for Secure video hosting
  • Fast loading, starting and seeking

Top 2 Video Hosting

Price Starting from : $4.95 /mo
Uptime for last week : 100.00 %
User Sentiment

Very Good: 69 %
Average: 8 %
Good: 23 %

2_half star rating
Price Starting from : $4.00 /mo
Uptime for last week : 99.97 %
User Sentiment

Very Good: 51 %
Average: 49 %
Good: 0 %

Top 2 Video Hosting Comparison

100.00 %
99.97 %
3_half star rating   
2_half star rating   
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Top 5 Video Hosting - UPTIME PERFORMANCE

Uptime performance of the top 5 video hosting companies is summarized above. For the purpose of this study, uptime performance is defined as the proportion of instances when the hosted websites were up and running. The uptime performance of all the hosted websites on each web hosting platform was tested regularly at an interval of 30 minutes. Overall, the best performance in respect of video hosting was observed for (100.0% uptime), (99.97% uptime),