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Now a days, students always need someplace to start. Whether user are very serious about pursuing a degree in photography or to just be a major follower, it is necessary to keep a great portfolio. But with so many options, which one do user can pick?Here are some sites to start out on before moving up to the big leagues. Photo hosting is a fast, simple and reliable hosting site that user can use to share their experiences. There is no registration or log-in required, simply submit picture or video. How it works is user upload video or image and provide user with a simple URL that should be guaranteed to be unique. It will point to user and only user video or photos. User can copy and paste link that company provide to share pictures on his favorite sites. User should make selection-terms of storage allowed, use, paid options, sense of community, privacy and much more.

Main advantages of Photo Hosting

  • Photo hosting are one of the great way to bring popularity for user`s photo. It has many personal advantages:-
  • Much better and clearer photo
  • Lower cost
  • Add as many pictures as user want
  • Long lasting photographic memories
  • easily distributed around the web-masters and many more.

Top 2 Photo Hosting

Price Starting from : $7.95 /mo
User Sentiment

Very Good: 88 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 0 %

Price Starting from : $1.99 /mo
User Sentiment

Very Good: 69 %
Average: 15 %
Good: 15 %

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4 star rating   
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The social media sentiments for the top 5 photo hosting companies are summarized above. For the purpose of this study, positive sentiments are defined as the proportion of tweets related to the web hosting company that are positive. Tweets with promotional or marketing related content were not considered while estimating the social media sentiments for a particular web hosting company. The analysis results indicate that 88% social sentiments for are very good, (69% very good),