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Forget expensive web hosting to host PDF files and ebooks. This free PDF hosting services is fast and easy enough for most basic user`s document must already be in PDF format. Hosting provides more than 10000 free pdf hosting members and more than 17000 unique visitors per month. Here users can take the benefits of free ebook hosting, PDF file uploading, PDF sharing and PDF hosting. This hosting is great for realtors, attorneys, insurance companies and any other business that needs to be able to receive PDF document from clients or send PDF documents to clients and associates quickly with ease. User must register for an account before host PDF file. Registration enables to have more security over shared PDF files. Through this user can change and delete files which hosting with us.

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Price Starting from : $7.95 /mo
Uptime for last week : 100.00 %
User Sentiment

Very Good: 88 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 0 %

2_half star rating
Price Starting from : $4.00 /mo
Uptime for last week : 99.97 %
User Sentiment

Very Good: 51 %
Average: 49 %
Good: 0 %

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100.00 %
99.97 %
4_half star rating   
2_half star rating   
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Uptime performance of the top 5 pdf hosting companies is summarized above. For the purpose of this study, uptime performance is defined as the proportion of instances when the hosted websites were up and running. The uptime performance of all the hosted websites on each web hosting platform was tested regularly at an interval of 30 minutes. Overall, the best performance in respect of pdf hosting was observed for (100.0% uptime), (99.97% uptime),