Best Cpanel Hosting-

Best Cpanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting

Licensing module in every major webhosting billing and provisioning system.

A UNIX based web hosting control panel, which simplifies web hosting through automation tools and user interface. It has functionality to work as virtual private server or as a dedicated server. With its three-level architecture enables web developers, administrators and resellers with easy management of their website. It has functionalists of API based and command line system through which user can allow web hosting service providers and developers to have standard administrative system. User can install it on operating system. User easily manage many aspects of account, including files, application and email hosted on account or server. For server customers, cpanel is used in conjunction with Webhost manager. User can add new email account, check emails, modify MX records,Change email passwords. It helps in creating FTP accounts to access files and use the file manager to modify files directly.


Unique features of cpanel Hosting

  • Optimum bandwidth for each hosting plans
  • Create many variations in domain name
  • Reduce spam through cpanel`s spamassassin tool
  • Manage and create auto response via auto responders
  • It allows to create and manage POP3 and IMAP account gives flexibility of access
  • a user friendly GUI (graphical user interface)
  • virus protection, rootkit detection, and a host of other tools to allow you to lock down your server. It even helps protect against current threats such as XSRF ("sea surfing") and XSS attacks.

cPanel & WHM 54 now in RELEASE Tier which features:

  • OpenID Connect for better integration across Manage2 accounts and cPanel & WHM servers
  • Two-Factor authentication through Google Authenticator, adds an extra layer of protection when logging on to cPanel & WHM interfaces.
  • tightly integrated functionality with WHM customers can log into cPanel & WHM via a WHMCS button on cPanel`s login interface.

Top 5 Cpanel Hosting

3_half star rating
Price Starting from : $1.99 /mo
User Sentiment

Very Good: 73 %
Average: 21 %
Good: 6 %

3_half star rating
Price Starting from : $3.95 /mo
User Sentiment

Very Good: 75 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 12 %

3_half star rating
Price Starting from : $3.95 /mo
User Sentiment

Very Good: 61 %
Average: 17 %
Good: 22 %

Price Starting from : $5.99 /mo
User Sentiment

Very Good: 83 %
Average: 12 %
Good: 5 %

Price Starting from : $3.99 /mo
User Sentiment

Very Good: 93 %
Average: 7 %
Good: 0 %

Top 5 Cpanel Hosting Comparison

3_half star rating   
3_half star rating   
3_half star rating   
4_half star rating   
4_half star rating   
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The social media sentiments for the top 5 cpanel hosting companies are summarized above. For the purpose of this study, positive sentiments are defined as the proportion of tweets related to the web hosting company that are positive. Tweets with promotional or marketing related content were not considered while estimating the social media sentiments for a particular web hosting company. The analysis results indicate that 73% social sentiments for are very good, (75% very good), (61% very good), (83% very good) and (93% very good).

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