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Hosting Question & Answer Bluehost

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Question  : How to register and manage child name Servers?--Carla Dias

Answer : Child Name Servers are Name Servers which are registered with the Registry under your domain name. You have to register Name servers with the Registry, before you can use them as Name Servers for registering other domain names. Child Name Servers can be registered only by the owner of the domain name under which they are registered.
Example: A Child Name Server can only be registered by the Owner of

Question  : How to Activate the DNS Service?--Charvi Rohra

Answer : To activate the DNS service:
1. Proceed to the DNS Service interface.
2. Click the Manage DNS link.

Question  : What is first step in order to start using DNS services?--Kaur Ubhi

Answer : In order to start using the DNS Service, you need to:
1. Activate the Dns service
2. Change the Name Servers of your domain name to BlueHost Name Servers
3. Create various records for your domain name.

Question  : How to Modify Name Servers of Domain Name?--Zeenat Jameel

Answer : Contact your Web Hosting Company and find out from them the Name Servers you need to use. If you have purchased Web Hosting for your domain name through BlueHost, then you need to set the Name Servers as specified by BlueHost.
Name Server Information
1. Login to your Control Panel.
2. Search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Information view.
3. Click the Name Servers link.

Question  : How to Change Name Servers of a Domain Name--Georgiana

Answer : In order to host a website on your domain name, you will need to obtain the Name Servers from the Web Hosting company with whom you wish to host your website and point your domain name to these Name Servers.

Question  : How to Move or Push a Domain Name from one Customer Control Panel to another?--John Jack

Answer : You can Move/push a domain name with all its related Services from your existing Customer Control Panel to another Customer, by following the steps mentioned below:
1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name which needs to be moved and proceed to the Order Information view.
About Lock / Suspension
2. Click Move Services link on the top right-hand side of the screen, to initiate the process.
3. Here, you would have to mention the following details:
o New Customer`s Id: The Customer Id is a unique number associated with a Customer`s Profile. If you do not know the Customer Id of the new Account, you can find it by clicking the icon at the top right corner within the new Customer Control Panel.
o New Customer`s Username: Mention the Customer Username (Email Address) of the Customer Account where you wish to move the domain name.

Question  : What all is to be checked before Domain is transferred?--Harry poter

Answer : Before proceeding with the Transfer, you are advised to first check the following:
* confirm if your domain name can be transferred. 1
* check if you require to obtain a Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization Code (known as Unique Domain Authentication ID (UDAI) for .NZ domain names) for your domain name prior to placing a Transfer request. 2

Question  : How would FTP work for me?--Kaye Bowman

Answer : Lets assume that you have created a web site for yourself, and you have seventy-five web pages that you want to display to people. Instead of copying all of the files to disks and manually placing the files on the Web Server, you could open an FTP client, find the Web Server, navigate to the directory where you need to place the files, and then upload the files.
Thus, FTP is simply used:
* to download a file from a server using the Internet, or
* to upload a file to a server (e.g. uploading a web page file to a Server).

Question  : What does FTP stands for?--Abd Aziz

Answer : FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Essentially, it is a simple tool to move files from one computer to another computer.

Question  : Does Blue Host provide free email?--Bunda Chayank

Answer : BlueHost provides you with 2 Email Account(s) free with every domain purchase, along with POP/IMAP access. Each account comes with 100 MB space.