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Summary: Aftermarket achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 0 existing domains were deleted from Aftermarket and 0 domains were transferred away from Aftermarket. The graph also shows that 0 new domains were registered with Aftermarket and 0 domains were transferred to Aftermarket from other web hosts.

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Description : Hosting Review - Aftermarket reveals visitors sentiments, feedback and user experience with reviews, ratings and comparative charts.

Address :
250 E Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1800
Milwaukee, WI
PostalCode : 53083
Country :   US
Telephone No. :  3072203440
Email :

Hosting Reviews  (2)

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    3 star rating

     By Sinan Bayrak Reviewed 13/06/2014

    I am an owner of a large web design provider and managing more than 50 domains. I begin with the services of the provider. I found the provider as a very competent web hosting provider in the context of the web hosting services of a web designer. In my opinion, this host is mainly good for those who are having their own business and need one or two domains to host the same.
    Every month if you are interested in setting up a new domain for around 7 or 8 times then you are at the correct place, if you avail the hosting services of then no issue. There are some reasons behind this which are as follow:
    • The company is very much capable in the correct installation of the SSL certificates with the related dedicated IP addresses.
    • I purchased their one SSL certificate and it was correctly installed by them. Once an error arise, so I contact them and their staff correct the SSL error by making their efforts that is by offering notification and by making some changes in the IP address of the domain. Even if their DNS does not propagate, then also the website does not face the issue of downtime.
    • If you need their customer or tech support and you contact them via live chat, they present in front of you their very talented, efficient and reliable customer support executives.
    • If you try to reach them via e-mail, their staffs usually responds in just 5-10 minutes with an appropriate answer in a better and proper manner. They offer very quick and accurate support.
    • I told their staff to develop some kind of records in order to add name servers to my domain and they did this task very well.
    • Whenever you have any query whether tech or others or you are under any circumstances, they are always available for you via different modes live chat, telephone, e-mail, and try their level best to get you out of your problem.
    • Every domain I set up and every SSL I buy from the provider, I did not found any problem in the same and if there was any problem it was resolved by their rep within one or two hours

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    Review from Sinan Bayrak

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    3 star rating

     By Nguyen Oanh Reviewed 07/05/2014

    Last year, I found my website had prolonged so much on the shared web hosting and due to this I bought a dedicated server of I always heard that the provider was awesome, and thus I buy one of their servers at an affordable price and I felt that the price was good for me.Last month, I found everything satisfactory in terms of services, however one thing disappoints me and that was their support/assistance for the dedicated server which they offered to me, sometimes the online support they offer was not too great and thus need to contact them. I don’t found any problem when I was in the USA, but when I was placed at other countries like Canada or UK, first of all I need to give them a call on their international numbers, and then call was transferred by them to their support team who are responsible for handling of the dedicated server.The above shows that I need to wait to get their support for around 15-20 min. However, they are very good as concerned of the support they offered and quite satisfactory to a large extent.Few days back, the inauguration of launching of my new website has done by me, and my site was visited by around 3000 visitors for nearly 20,000 times and it’s very surprising and that too in just one day only and around 3000 members were gained by me on the same day. The good thing is that this no. has been increased from day to day and simultaneously my expectations also get increased.My web sites always keep up all the time by the company and that too without any problem in the sites. I noticed that my website has been explore by more than 1, 00,000 people. Even, there were some visitors who gave their comments on the look of my web sites, and each of them is good. Now, load has been increased on my web site and to balance the same I bought a new server with a dedicated server from and now their customer support has been improved so much, in fact I found it as very good and I moved my web sites to new web host from my old web hosts.My daily revenue was increased with the assistance of the provider, it almost becomes double and thus the company helps me to grow my business. I got good ranks in the terms of my websites and I’m happy to know that the company offers 100% up time guarantee.

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    Review from Nguyen Oanh

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